Friday, August 27, 2010

Soviet Synths

Oh wow, from Boing Boing today, a link to a virtual museum of Soviet era Synths.

This is the Emibas- so simple it must be awesome!

And check out the beatbox "Ritm" oh man, I would LOVE to have one of these...

link to many, many more:Museum of Soviet Synths

Thursday, August 19, 2010

f*ck Me Ray Bradbury

awesome, and uh, not at all safe for work!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So not responsible for this----

I'm back, hehehe, sigh - SDMV2 25 songs for $6


1. Looking for the KLF - Pure Trance Mix (POP INC Vs. Symphono) Pop Inc., Symphono 6:03

2. Sisters of the Brotherhood (Chris Jay Vs. Chris Tame) Chris Jay, Chris Tame 4:02 $

3. I Wanna Be Your Star (Extended) Melody & Mezzo 5:00

4. Freaks Come Out (Qubiq Edit) , Leonard T Presents Starfunk 3:27

5. Love's Been Particularly Cruel to Me (Filterhouse Boys Remix) Spray 8:17

6. Melancholy Afro (Digitize Mix) Empire State Human, Digitize 3:46

7. Got What I Need (Robert Kiraly Remix) die Kinder 3:57

8. Music Over You (Cotton & Gin Remix) United Forces 7:20

9. Deeper Meaning Cling 5:22

10. Fool in the Name if Love Matinee Club 4:15

11. A Pulse (Electrocardiogrammar Mix) Katsen 4:49

12. I'm Gonna Make You Falli in Love With Me (Eight to Infinity Vs. Heaven 17) Eight to Infinity, Heaven 17 3:30

13. Perfect Beat (Take Me to LA) [feat. Qubiq] The Garland Cut, Qubiq 3:30

14. Close Your Eyes Isotopes of Neon 3:44

15. Circus Disco (Extended Remix) Eloquent 4:34

16. Wrapped Around Your Heart Eight To Infinity 4:11

17. Communicate (Aquazoo Project Remix) Anarobik 4:22

18. Electric Eden 3:45

19. Teenage Timebomb (Bonaduce Mix by Hyperbubble) Electroluvs 4:15

20. Clone Commander pennyliquid 3:39

21. Bad E Sean Baron 4:03

22. Technology (24bit Remix) Synthetik FM 8:17

23. Elixer The Ripps 4:14

24. Robot After All (835 Mix) Leonard T 4:37

25. Beautiful Girl (Cotton & Gin Remix) DJ Keri

and here's the freebie for those who read to the end :
Matinee Club (aka The Modern) Fool In The Name Of Love by sdm2
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