Tuesday, March 24, 2009

deal-io of the day - Gary Flanagan for $7 - Amazon

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Day and Date

I think the main problem is that the industry is simply working with an outdated model.

Here is a classic example – three new bands have released records in the UK on major labels in the past week. LaRoux, Little Boots and Filthy Dukes. All three are electronic (the 80s are back.. again) bands, not the kind you would like I guess, but I enjoy them. One can see plenty of videos on You Tube for these bands; hear their music (you know, like you used to hear new songs on the radio!)

So they have released records over the past two weeks in the UK, even charted. Under the old model (last updated mid 90s) the majors let the artist build in the UK and then a few months later (or many months later) they sub-license the record out to one of their US sister labels. Meanwhile if you really like the music you buy the import CD single for $10.

Well, that was the old model. Trouble is now with this new fangled intetynet I don’t have to wait 9 months for the US release or shell out a tenspot for the import single- I can do a quick blog search on Hypem and find people who have posted the songs in their blogs.

That’s right Bob, I stole! Look, I went to iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, trying to find the file to purchase, but it simply was not there. So I guess I stole it. For the record I will probably buy some of these guys on CD when it does come out here, but not everything.

If the movie industry has figured out that day and date release is a good way to get ahead of piracy why hasn’t the music industry? I know that Madonna or similar big bands get day and date, but whey not the smaller bands? I am guessing it has to do with the focus on first week sales. If say Little Boots was released here right now it would probably not sell well the first week – too little time for set up, etc. But you would get sales. And I think you could also get bigger sales down the road. There is still room for artists who build (just ask Adele).

the old model of doing it territory by territory is dead, imho.

Friday, March 20, 2009

There is a new Empire State Human album "Audio Gothic,"out April 14th 2009

- you can pre order the album and get a cool t shirt too:
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This package deal is limited to 50 copies and will be shipped before April 14th.
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CD & T Shirt is $22 for US/Canada/Mexico
$33 overseas airmail.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

label wrap up news March 19

Check out Myspace to hear TGC's cover of Generations of Love - orignally released by Boy George. There is also a new song "Glory Glory"
TGC explains why they did the song -
Dear friends,
In a surprise move .. to all involved ... we are returning TGC to the studio to record a special cover of "Generations Of Love" by Jesus Loves You, which once we're happy with the mix, we've an agreement in place with 100% Boy http://www.boygeorgeuk.com/ to exclusively host the free download/release of it to all fans of Boy George. We're in talks with Stuey (100% Boy) to complete the artwork and also with the proposal of getting a video shot with the help of a true fan of George in the US. We hope that happens, as all promo options are vital these days ...

Aidan & Lar

Very cool song btw- worth checking out, some great guitar work.

The Empire State Human CD is in press, I sent the files to IODA to upload, so look for it in the next week or so on Amazon, iTunes.

I also sent the Gary Flanagan set, so that should start popping up to.

Lastly, I sent out the United Synthpop Artists 2 set as well. This is a fund rasier for people involved at the Church shooting (the one a few months ago, not the most recnet. Jesus, that was a depressing setence to type...) in Knoxville at the Unitarian church. Bobby clark (Synthetik FM) put it together and it really is the cream of the current synthpop scene.
01 - Hand On The Gun - Empire State Human
02 My Hapiness - Synthetik FM
03 - Sometimes - Nukleon
04 - So Sweet The Promise - Seven Words
05 - The Other Side - Wave In Head
06 - Far Beyond The Stars - Ganymede
07 - Out Of Space - I Satellite
08- Patience Waiting - Haberdashery
09 - Days After Night - Davidmahr 1
10 - All Fall Down - Hypersoul
11 - If Not Now When - Color Theory
12 - Lives Balanced On A Grave - Spurious!
13 - Oxygenius - Cosmicity
14 - Summer Tide - Bit Pixel
15 - Despite All Our Worries - Gary Flanagan
15 - Holding On - Tony Reed
17 - Bloom - Eloquent
18- Our Children's Garden- Paris By Air

I iwll let you guys know when it is out. All (and I mean all!) proceeds go to this worthy cause :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Help Color Theory

Could not have said ti better myself, so here is an email I got this morning. I second Bobby 100%

Hi everyone ...

As you all may or may not know, one of my passions is producing and promoting modern synthpop and electronic music, most of it inspired by 80's bands like Erasure, Depeche Mode, Human League, and Pet Shop Boys.

One of my longtime friends in the underground electronic scene for many years is Brian Hazard, who goes under the stage name of Color Theory. I have been listening to his music since 2001, and his style is modern electronic mixed with piano ballads. Anyway, quite recently, he entered a song of his, "If it's my time to go", into the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and placed first in the electronic category.

While this is quite an accomplishment (the JLSC is a very prestigious award) the next round of judging begins this Thursday, where Brian's song will go up against someone else. The judging is based on internet votes, and whoever wins this contest will get a 1,000 CD package and a 1 in 12 chance for $20,000 cash!

If you'd like to help out (and for me, it'd be much appreciated) please go to http://colortheory.com/help and have a listen to this song ... the voting will begin this Thursday, and runs from March 19 to April 27. You are allowed to vote once on each of these days.

I hope nobody minds me posting this here, but Brian is a really good friend of mine who has been struggling to catch a break with his music, and this just might be the big one for him! Plus, his music is really good too.

Thanks a bunch ...


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Empire State Human - Audio Gothic Pre Orders

In celebration of the imminent release of their new album, here is a video to an edit (the album version has a very cool intro) of the title track to the new Empire State Human album "Audio Gothic". It is out April 14th 2009

Hey! And also just announced (what a remarkable coincidence) - you can pre order the album and get a cool t shirt too:
(here is a paste up of the design >>>>>>)

This package deal is limited to 50 copies and will be shipped before April 14th.
Please tell us if you want large or X large shirts.

CD & T Shirt is $22 for US/Canada/Mexico
$33 overseas airmail.

Order before April 1 and we'll include the new album by Figaro (a side project from ESH lead singer Aidan Casserly).

North American order use this button (paypal takes credit cards as well)

US Orders for AUdio Gothic pkg

Overseas Airmail use this button:

Airmail Orders for AUdio Gothic pkg

Why Amazon isn't going away, why NASA endures

A lot of digital music services have been touted as "iTunes killers." Pretty much all o fthem except maybe eMusic have failed. eMusic has a great model, but limited selection. It's never going to kill iTnes.
A lot of people had high hopes for Amazon. And they should, but not because it is going to kill iTunes, but because it will keep iTunes honest. Digital stores may come and go, but Amazon probably won't. Here's why - Amazon isn't in it to make a fortune selling MP3s. [And neither is iTunes, after all the main point to to drive purchases of iPods].
But unlike iTunes, Amazon can/should make money from MP3s, just not directly. When I go to iTunes to buy a song, or even a low riced album for $5.99 - I do just that- I buy the song, 99 cents, and leave, happy.
Amazon, and all of you Amazon junkies will attest to this, is an entirely different story. I go to Amazon to pick up Lily Allen for $1.99, remember my son wanted a new Shaun the Sheep video and that I needed a gift for my Aunt's birthday and $87.55 later I check out. And yes, I got the MP3, but Amazon had much more.

I know that iTunes has movies, books, apps, but come on. Amazon has everything, including the kitchen sink.

It has gotten to the point now where I go to Amazon first to price things (and often order) before I go anywhere else, or even go to local store.

So I don;t see Amazon getting out of the download business anytime soon- even if they sell things for $1.99, look at it as a loss leader. iTunes will have enough trouble selling enough iPods to make up for losses at $1.99, other services simply won't be able to even think about making up the losses.

I would place my bet on Amazon in the long run.

My second part today focuses on the swedish group NASA. Their album and two singles are among our top sellers this week on Amazon's MP3 pages. (click here to see). NASA still sells well even now, almost 10 years later. Part of it may have to do with some new collaboration called N.A.S.A. (David Bryne, MIA, Santigold and others working with Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon) Maybe some people assume that the Ninthwave album (from 1999 people!) is somehow related...Hey, I don't think people will be dissapointed.
But I think the main reason it continues to do well is that, uhm, well, it is good music. Not just good electro or synthpop, but good music, songs you could sing with juts a guitar and a campfire if you wanted to.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

top digital sellers of 2008

OK, so why is this 3 months late? Well, digital services seemd to be about 2 months behind, then IODA takes a month and here we are in MArch getting December sales reports.

Still. Some interesting stuff - in 2008 we sold 676 digital albums, or about 48% of album sales (tomorrow I will work out track sales and album-equivilant sales). That's up from I think about 35% last year. I fully expect 2009 to be over 50% digital album sales. One main factor is that this year I am less likely to release a CD than just to pop up an album.

Here are the top 11 - all sold double digits :-)
1 - Smile DK - Party Around the World
2. Matinee Club (R.I.P.) - The Modern LP
3. Melody & Mezzo - Nightshade
4. Melody & Mezzo - I Wanna Be Your Star
5. Spray - Children of a Laser God
6. Heaven 17 - Hands Up To Heaven - The Qubiq Mixes
7. Spray - Living In Neon
8. Heaven 17 - Hands Up To Heaven - The DJ Mixes
9. Various - Electricity III
10. Spray - I Am Gothic Remix EP
11. Empire State Human - Rarity?

#6 seems odd, but most services have it as "album only" so you have to buy both songs to get it, hence all sales are "album sales. "

Hear some of the new ESH album now!

OK folks, I updated the ninthwave web page to add some tracks from the new ESH album today

Go there now to listen :-)

Some related ESH news - I got word that the album will be out.avaliable April 14 2009. But don;t rush over to Amazon just yet, I am planning a cool offer for pre orders that will come with a limited edition (50) T Shirt designed by band member Aidan Casserly. I will probably have stuff up later this week on how to get it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

3 mps for you today

OK folks
Three little tunes for you to hear:

Astromill- Kansas

Electroluvs - Kitchen Sink

and Ric Autobahn's album sampler megamix "The Format"

download here!

enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

MP3s coming

Starting tomorrow I will start featuring, a couple times a week, mp3s from either Ninthwave artists or from artists I think we might like to work with, or just think are cool (all this is depending on people giving me permission to post stuff obviously)
It may work, may notm, but it gives you, the faithful reader, a little reward....
Stay tuned

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

three new Heaven 17 videos for your Ears

Several blog sites have been asking for "videos" they can link too instead of tracks (which is fine), so I put these together. Better than a still picture I think (but not by much ! )
So remember, these are really for you to hear, not watch, so click play, and pop open a new tab/window and continue to surf while your get yer groove on baby!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Modern - Life in a Modern World

ohmyGod! I just got this in from the band and I am so psyched! The amount of stuff here is great, this should be getting up online by the end of the month. The extra songs are great! - "Fool in the Name of Love" should be a single!
Wow, so impressed.
life in a modern world

Track Listing for Album
1. Industry
2. Jane Falls Down
3. Questions
4. Modern Love
5. Seven Oceans
6. Closing Door
7. Model 426
8. Sometimes
9. Discotheque Francais
10. Suburban Culture
11. Goodbye Means Forever
12. Nothing Special

Track Listing for Bonus Tracks Disc
1. Jane Falls Down (Extended Mix)
2. Industry (Extended Mix)
3. Suburban Culture (Arts & Crafts Mix)
4. Sometimes (Lawgiverz Mix)
5. Discotheque Francais (Spektrum 12” Mix)
6. Tokyo Girls (Eastern Promises Mix)
7. Teenage Drag
8. Travelodge
9. Tokyo Girls
10. Fool In The Name Of Love
11. Photographs Of You
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