Monday, July 27, 2009

whats new? Track times are IMPORTANT! also, Apple pretty cool really

Ugh, ok, well things are going fine really. I hired the guy who pushed Heaven 17's "Hands Up To HEaven" for us to push the new DJ Keri single "Beautiful Girl." Trouble is I forgot to put track times on the CD so the DJs are relucatant to spin through the ten remixes (too many I hear, now) to see which one will work for them. Ugh! So far 4 DJs have added the song but it takes 10 to get on the charts.

Aidan Casserly has a new album, solo work. Very different from his Garland Cult or ESH stuff. I think people will be surprised (in a good way). I will get that pressing started this week for a late August release.

iTunes (!) posted the Cotton & Gin album - "Things We Lost in the Catastrophic Failure of Our Mac Book Hard Drive" Wow, I guess either they just don;t care or figured it wasn;t worth the hassle of the free publicity I would have milked out of them rejecting it. lol.

iTunes : Things We Lost in the Catastrophic Failure of Our Mac Book Hard Drive

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things We Lost... by Cotton & Gin

OK folks
Cotton & Gin's latest is up on Amazon now for under $6 - we here at Ninthwave are wondering if iTunes will add it, lol...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Voltergeist mixes gus gus free MP3

Voltergeist, part of the team behind Emotiquon (see below! A ninthwave act!) have a great album out here:

But now you can enjoy a free download of their remix of a new Gus Gus tune:
- "Add This Song" (Voltergeist 'Throbbing Heart Of Dark Desire' Mix) -


Run Faster Remix SingleEmotiquon
"Run Faster" (mp3)
from "Run Faster Remix Single"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

You gotta love her

I am pretty sure this is one of the signs of the end of the world (as is the success of "Just Dance")

Follow Up to the Rename "buy a Song" Project

Not everyone reads the comments, so I thought it was good to post a recent comment on a previous post that updates the Rename Project. This is the band that is asking for people to pay a subscription or even to buy a song to help fund the album. It seems like it is working, which can only be good for electronic pop in general. :-)

The comment:
"Todd Durrant has left a new comment on your post "What's in a Rename album?":

Well, as one of the people working on that Rename project, I can promise you, it is very artistically satisfying to be presented with an idea from Song Sponsors and then turn it into a fun song. I've had a lot of fun with the two songs written so far: "What's Wrong With You?" (observations from a farmer who gets flack for wearing a kilt), and "Mimo and Joe" (a song purchased as a gift to two friends getting married).

Is it a rip-off to pay $250 for a custom song? Well, if you don't have $250 and aren't interested, then sure. If you're a fan and love the idea of a song you helped to thematically create, then it's a huge bargain. Heck, you're paying MUCH less then minimum wage for a couple of guys to make you a song, if you figure in the time involved.

As for the sales figures...the conclusion that any synthpop band is catering to about 115 die hard fans is based on an assumption that...well, I don't know where it comes from. Rename sold out of 500 copies of the limited edition of the first album "Culture" in a couple of months. "Energize" has only a few of the 2CD editions left, and that didn't sell out as quickly because the 1-CD was sold at the same time. The band has also sold out of both previously released CD singles (500 units each) and singles are definitely a fan-only item. Despite the downturn in CD sales in general, it is pretty safe to say that there are more than 115 Rename fans out there.

One more quick note... 8 of 11 "Song Sponsor" spots have been filled, with many other "Fan Followers" who subscribed to receive all demos and the finished album. With that in mind, we feel the album is already a success and the project is in motion. We're excited to share the music with those who have been kind enough to support this unique effort :-)

-Todd "

Friday, July 17, 2009

No More Laroux

OK, so I got a "takedown"notice for a link I linked to with that LaRouex song. So no more of that I guess.
But I like posting stuff, so feel free to use the soundcloud button newly installed to send me stuff to listen to and possibly post.

Send me your track

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cotton & Gin _ There Can Be No Music...

Cotton & Gin have finished the ART for their next album, but no music....

Sigh... They want feedback on which cover look best - here is our fave

song of the day Miami Horror "Make You Mine"

Here's a truly crunchy muy disco remix by Cassian (he's worked with Madonna ya know). Its pretty much hand clap/ horn section happy. Fun!
I stole this off of DangerDanger!

buy - itunes

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DJ Keri single out now

OK folks
Brand new stuff here - more dance/club than synthy - fun stuff imho!


and for a limited time you can download a Cotton & Gin remix for free at the ninthwave website:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Plastic Operator "Folder"

I stole this from Said the Gramophone. It's agreta little synth ditty in the likes of Freezepop or Cosmicity,

Pass around the love

mid summer

uhm, ok, so really I guess I am trying to update facebook a lot (Dave Ninthwave is the handle)
Not s much here...
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