Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reaper off to digital land

I just approved the release of the Heaven 17 single for "Don't Fear the Reaper." Nothing new here, not even a remix, jut a chop/shop edit job. But I did tack on a remix that ATOM (or here) did last year (his "dub" version was on the single for "I'm gonna Make you Fall In Love With Me.") The single should start popping up on Amazon etc soon.

Because I am such a nice guy and the "holidays" are just around the corner I have ATOM's mix here, for free. I like it, but I warn you, it's not for everybody. If you like straight ahead jammin dance trax, well, uh, sorry.

Don't Fear the ReaperHeaven 17
"I'm Gonna Make You Fall in Love With Me" (mp3)
from "Don't Fear the Reaper"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Wait, what? Reaper? a Single?

why the hell am I releasing Heaven 17's "Don't Fear The Reaper" as a single? (albeit as a digital single). Well, because, uh, its selling like hotcakes.
On Sept 28 it was on the HBO show True Blood. In a kinda key scene. And I guess people heard it. Here are jst the itune sales for after Sept 28 for Heaven 17 (I assume most are for the song, as it jumped to #2 on the top Heaven 17 songs on iTunes)
the week after Sept 28 (the week runs from Sept 28 to Oct 4 on my report) sales went up over 800% (!!!)
Even though sales went down 56% the next week, that's still a little less than 400% of sales week prior to Sept 28. And the third week out sales were just over 400% up from the week prior to Sept 38. Heck, even for the past week (four weeks out)sales are flat (but that's still up 400% over week week prior to Sept 28).

So I guess at this point there has got to be some word of mouth. So I am hoping by plopping a single out there people will see it faster, get it, etc.


oops, forgot about this

So I have been away for a while but am now back. I posted below a short list of stuff I am working on and forgot this:

Synthetic Dance Remixes – Art and track list are tentative

Doki Doki (Radio Edit) 3:06
Four Winds (Electro Mix) 4:05 Space March
Cautious Stvee Olaf Remix _ Figaro 4:31 Figaro
NASA - Back to Square One - m12 San Frandisco Mix 6:19
Blonde [Dolby-Anol Remix] 5:20 The Electroluvs
Nightshade Spray Long Mix 6:25 Melody and Mezzo Ninghtshade
Sometimes Zart 12" emitemos log master1 6:25 Matinee Club Nick Zart
02 - Queen Of Summer 6'44'' (Spray extended) 6:33
nostrangerdancexpose 6:34 Astromill
Run With Us (Melody & Mezzo 12" Remix) 7:00 Spray
Qubiq Mixes - Garland Cult- Style- Qubiq Mix 8:26
Qubiq Mixes - Empire State Human - Dreams in the Mirror Qubiq Mix 9:00
sprayremix2006gothicastromill 9:28 Spray
Garland Cult - All Good Things (Radboy's Club Mix) REMIX BY JEFF LEWIS 10:11
Gonna Make You (mastered Lonely Goatherder) 6:17 Heaven 17
Sonic Hub - New Man (QUBIQ Edit) 4:19
Run Faster (On The Ceiling Mix) 8:56 Emotiquon
Good Thing 5:03 Cotton & Gin

For about the next week you can get a sneek of the Cotton and Gin track here:
feedback welcomed!

upcoming on ninthwave

Coming up here at Ninthwave

Oct 28 – Release of’s Party Around the World CD
November 2008 – release of the free “Hidden Treasures” Ninthwave Christmas download featuring Empire State Human, Garland Cult, Macondo and more…
December 2008 – release of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” single from Heaven 17 featuring some new mixes of previous singles as well as a new radio edit of Reaper…
January 2009 – Release of ESH’s “Audio Gothic” (in limited CD edition and digital)
Release of’s “Doki Doki (CD and digital)
February 2009 – Cotton and Gin’s debut “Southern” and “Southern: Versions” (digital only)

? 2009 ???? – Spray “Children of a Laser God” w/ bonus disc of remixes
Alan Replica – Darkened

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Beavers

So I have been kinda busy fo rthe past 7 days. is taking of flike wildfire on Amazon. I am kinda a freak, so I keep track of all time sales on Amazon for Ninthwave releases. has sold so well that within the first week of amazon reporting sales it is already the 20th best selling Cd we've ever put on amazon. Now Amazon front ordered 100 copies, so don't get too excited.

Still, folks out there who like Smile.,dk seem happy - look! -

ok, back to putting cds in enevlopes

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 cds are here, and selling... that's odd!


OK, just lugged 9 boxes of the new Cds up two flights of stairs. The Cd looks great, the Cd came out with a nice silkscreen on it and the booklet looks first class. Easily the most “commercial” looking Cd we’ve ever been a part of.

Shipped 110 copies to Amazon this morning, most ever for a single release, and this is all pre orders. Wow.

Here’s a sad fact, the has already sold more copies than the first Garland Cult Cd, the Astormill CD, the Electroluvs CD, and the Macondo CD. That’s wrong, imho. All four of those albums are great- otherwise I wouldn’t have put them out. But has a fanbase.

It’s really difficult to get people to invest in new music, by artists they don’t know. I know it is for me. I have scoured eMusic, but even then I still have to be told about great new bands (like the Tough Alliance) that I somehow missed. That band is a good example- they have several releases up on eMusic, but I never found them until iTunes gave a song of their away.

Oh well. As long as I can I will continue to release music I like.

Depeche Mode did just get enough

found this item today:
Multi-platinum new wave pioneers Depeche Mode are the latest group to leave WMG, following the likes of Madonna, The Eagles and Nickelback, signing an exclusive worldwide deal with EMI, whose Mute label has been the best-selling British trio’s international home since 1981 when theyreleased the group’s debut single, "Dreaming of Me" in the U.K.

The new agreement marks the first time EMI Music will release Depeche Mode’s music in the U.S. as well as in the rest of the world.

durn, and when we were so close to having a deal! (Well, as cloase as we've ever been... as in not even close!!!!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday wrap up (you betcha!)

Got word late yesterday the good ol UPS will deliver the box of Cds to me Monday. Yeah!

I am using anew service (new to me) Radiotraxx to promote 3 Cds I think deserve more exposure- the I Am Figaro Album, the first Garland Cult album and the recent Space March set. I also happen to have cds of those three releases, hehe.

H17saw a good sized bump for “Don’t Fear the Reaper” sales this past week, going from very little to about $25 a day. Not bad.

The Garland Cult (not ESH!) sent me word of a new Christmas single. I may pop it up on the ninthwave homepage soon (well, after Halloween for God’s sake!)

and here is a track fr your weekend!
I Wanna Be Your StarMelody & Mezzo
"I Wanna Be Your Star" (mp3)
from "I Wanna Be Your Star"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

new garland Cult remix album on amazon

All Times best sellers on Ninthwave

Bored. Did some Numbers:

best seller on amazon - Living in Neon by Spray (although the various artist set on Cohaggen - Evolution- is sitll the best selling thing we've ever distributed)

Sales since June 2000 (all cds on Ninthwave, plus a few full album downloads) 10,251

Best year - 2006, sold 2,251
Worst year - 2000 (well, it was only 6 months and we only had two cds out )- 239.

Top seller overall - Heaven 17's Before/After, just over 105 of all albums we've ever sold.

Rest of CDs we've released that have sold more than 500 copies (including full album downloads:
In order
Living in Neon
Tribute to Yazoo
Rembering the Future (NASA)
Electricity vol 2
Electricity Vol 1
Pop Robot (Empire State Human)

In terms of downloads, ugh, figures are spread between CDbaby and IODA, but I know we've sold a ton of ESH's version of Halloween.

I am FigaroFigaro
"Cautious" (mp3)
from "I am Figaro"
(Ninthwave Media)

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