Thursday, February 2, 2012

Platine Sterophonique Remix contest for Dominican Girls

Ninthwave Records and Platine Stereophonique have teamed up to sponser a remix contest for the track "Dominican Girls"
The track can be heard below:

Stems are here:

BPM 134, all styles of dance music are welcome, from Tropical to dub, house to techno, anything is ok.

Rules: All entries become property of Ninthwave Records. 5 Winners will be chosen by Ninthwave Records and Platine Stereophonique. ! grand winner, who get their track on an EP release plus a $25 beatport gift certificate and 4 runner-ups who will be also featured on the EP.

Submit entries to this soundcloud group by Feb 28 2012.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

free Moombahton mix plus new release

Moombahton Nation 2012 comes out today. And sicne this music may be new to many I have decided to give away a free DJ Mix of the album on soundcloud

album on iTunes:

Monday, January 30, 2012

new Raindancer- A Road and a Reason

Raindancer was one of the fisrt of the Ninthwave bands. We did a single with them. They then did an album with A Different Drum. Now they are back with a new video and anew album.
Sounds like classic stuff to me :-)
-iTunes link

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moombahton Nation 2012 - track list, details

Note: So this comes out Jan 31 on Ninthwave. The track list is not fixed yet and the set will come with 2(probably) DJ mixes of all tracks. So about 3 hours of Moombhaton madness. Indeed.

Moombahton Nation 2012 Announcing “Moombahton Nation 2012” out January 31 2012 on Ninthwave Records. Available on itunes, amazon, Beatport, Juno, eMusic etc. 14 tracks of hot underground Moombahton aka Moombahcore.

Moombahton is a cross between SOCA/Electro/Dubstep and slowed down Dutch Jump/House music. Got that? The genre was popularized by Major Lazer (Diplo) and now has been incorporated everyone from Beyonce to Skrillex (check out “Right on Time” for the feel, if not the tempo/bpm). The music is serious dance floor filler, but at a slower BPM than house or techno (it is usually at about 108-112 BPM).

1. Feral aka Kinky “Tweet Retweet (Geek Boy Remix)”

2. Andy After Dark “Our World”

3. Jimkbojangles “Jimbothon”

4. The Playground Poets “Midnight”

5. Ivytron “It’s War”

6. Sile’Saibin “Moombah Dayz”

7. Albodo “Bombatron”

8. Laera “Maravilla (original Mix)”

9. Kayjay “Cudahy Stomp (Original Mix)”

10. Danny Gallardo “A Toda Costa”

11. Matthew Barnes “Clap N Slap”

12. Dj Sharon “Let Me See Those Hands”

13. WLG “Valeriya”

14. Eursh “Steel Drums N Shit”

15. Bass Bear “Roar”

Monday, January 16, 2012

Zomboy "Game Time" EP

ITUNES Hot dubstep, makes Skrillex look like old news IMHO

Friday, January 13, 2012

Liquid Diet - Hand Dance

LMFAO video! I Love this, clever, good song, and well done. Hmmmmm :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plug "scar City" / also Platine Stereophonique Video

File under random- not sure what this is (it's on Ninja Tunes, which will explain a lot to some of you). The artist is Plug, the song "Scar City" kinda cool, weird. also up a preview video for the Dominican Girls track from Platine Stereophonique

Thursday, January 5, 2012

new Hevean 17 best of features 2 tracks from Before After

get it here on CD - TITLE Play To Win: The Very Best Of Heaven 17 LABEL Music Club Deluxe CAT. NO. MCDLX142 BARCODE 5014797671423 RELEASE DATE 9th January 2012 TRACKS 33 FORMAT 2CD / Digital Download Bundle Tracklisting: CD1 No Title 1 (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang 4:20 2 I’m Your Money 5:10 (extended) 3 Play To Win 3:37 4 Penthouse And Pavement (LP version) 6:23 5 Let's All Make A Bomb 4:03 6 Height of the Fighting (He-La-Hu) 3:05 7 Let Me Go 4:20 8 Temptation 3:33 9 Who’ll Stop The Rain 3:02 10 We Live So Fast 3:46 11 The Best Kept Secret 5:10 12 Come Live With Me 4:02 13 Crushed By The Wheels of Industry 5:53 (LP version) 14 Sunset Now 3:35 15 This Is Mine 3:51 16 Flamedown 2:59 17 ...(And That's No Lie) 10:05 LP version Time: 77:34 CD2 1 Reputation 3:05 2 The Skin I’m In 3:29 3 The Foolish Thing To Do (featuring Jimmy Ruffin) 3:37 (non-LP 45) 4 Trouble 4:17 5 Contenders 4:27 (single edit) 6 Train Of Love In Motion 4:46 7 Big Square People 4:29 8 The Ballad of Go Go Brown 3:43 9 Dangerous 4:00 10 (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Rapino edit) 3:59 11 Penthouse And Pavement (Tommy D’s master remix) 7:03 12 'Somebody' 4:30 (from ‘Pleasure One’ LP 1986) 13 'Low Society' 3:40 (from ‘Pleasure One’ LP 1986) 14 ‘Don’t Stop For No One’ (from ‘Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho’ LP 1988) 15 I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me 3:23 2005 16 Hands Up To Heaven 4:30 2005

new Empire State Human "December Rose"

Empire State Human has left Ninthwave Records, but we still love em! They have formed their own label House of Analouge to release a new album The Art. A new single from the album is out now on itunes. Here is the video!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2 new titles on ninthwave" Montbello and new Stereophonique

New from Montbello- first Ninthwave release, due out next week. This is the track "Reznor Girl" A little dubsteppy thing. "Reznor Girl (first pass)" - Montbello by ninthwave records USA
Also out next week, new single from Platine Stereophonique "Dominican Girls" "Dominican Girls (Las Matas de Santa Cruz Mix)" - Stereophonique Platine by ninthwave records USA Enjoy!
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