Friday, August 26, 2011

While I am still high on Active Child, Here is a tasty treat from the band with the unlikely (and really hopeless) name of LCTRISC. "Sunbird"
Sunbird (radio edit) by despotz

download it here:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Funy enough, this weekend was listening to a mix with Asia in it- remember them? They were a super group- what ever happened to such things?

Well.... Check out Mick Jagger 's pink suit, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart getting a tattoo, Damian Marley DJ’ing and A.R. Rahman in the limo.

I like the song well enough, but it kinda seems a little Reggae lite- esp compared to say recent stuff from Mark Ronson.

Still, not bad. Best stuff from any of them sepratley since about 1995 :-)

Tom Waits Sings Cookie Monster sings Tom Waits

One of those Sesame Stret sync videos, well done. I know I might get sh$t for this, but I have never "gotten" Waits, I always thought of him as one of pop music's supreme posers, doing sthick and trying to sell it as serious art.

Now I am sure. lol
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