Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 gracias

Whew, 2007 is almost over. Its been a weird year, the end of 2006 almost saw the demise of the label and now we have the #166 album on Amazon's MP3 chart. No, not #166 on the obscure synthpop releases released by labels based in Texas or something, but the whole damn chart. The Modern LP by The Matinee Club  By the time you read this I am sure it will be # 456000 but hey, for a moment on christmas eve...
Thanks to everyone who stuck by the label. 2008 will be a banner year, with no less than a new Spray album, new Alan Replica, new Garland Cult (plus 2 more from Aidan Casserly) plus some great dance music from Emotiquon and Melody & Mezzo (and maybe even a new EP from our newest signing Cotton & Gin) plus a few more things I am sure.
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