Friday, June 29, 2007

re: The Modern and the Remixes

OK-to clear up the Modern/Matinee Club thing- Last fall I freaked out, thought I had lost my job and folded the label for about 48 hours. Most of my bands know me well enough to ignore the email somewhat, or at least not be suprised when I came back and changed my mind. The Modern's management had, perhaps, a bit more sense and simply dropped me cold.
So, I wouldn't necs. blame them. But honestly, I guess they kinda sank from view since then.

the Remix/dance album will be out soon, as in September. I am moving at the end of July and have to set up a warehouse again, along with a place that can drop 3-4 big ol boxes of Cds. So once that is set up I will get that pressed...

Friday, June 22, 2007

look what I found

To clear up some questions:
1. the NASA singles are just being popped up online, not onto CD. They WERE on CD years ago, but Ninthwave never released them, just the Swedish label.

2. The Modern-AKA Matinee Club- despite the fact I sunk about $1000 into prep for this release and band it never went. The band never signed anything and as far as I know they imploded. Too bad, I hop e they resurface it some form.

I found 4 (four) complete sets of the 5 Cds "set" of the Lexicon Magazine Cd samplers, plus a couple of early ADD/Ninthwave sampler ("How to Make a New Friend" and the megamix). "Now Music for Pop People" vols. 1-5. I have 4 complete sets, lots of great stuff on here, if you know then you know. Paypal me $30 and I'll send you the 5 plus the 2 other samplers. If you need just a random one email me and I may be able to help.

Each CD has about 15 tracks, most tracks are from then current releases, but some, like stuff from Jarret, is long out of print. Nice snapshots of a golden sysnthpop era:-)


Monday, June 18, 2007

How do you sell a CD?

The new Garland Cult CD is out. Sells well enoug on Amazon, they re-ordered 30 this last week. But the "last five copies" are still sitting there despite what I did last week-
Big blitz all over the synthpop web that a new "megamix" from the album is available for download. About 40 people did download the thing. Not a single copy sold on Amazon.
Now it did budge up on the ADD chart so maybe 1-2 people bought it there.
But I guess I hoped for more.

More and more I am begining to think that Bob Leftsez is right- you need to build sales up through word of mouth and touring.

To that end I am going to begin dealing this week with a ban in Cali to see fi they want to work with the label- I'll offer an EP deal (real CD plus online)with no strings plus $2000 in promotion (look out Rey!) and $1000 in "gas money"/tour support if they play out at least 10 shows withn 2 months of release of the EP.

Always up for something new. And if you have ideas or suggestions ("That's a stupid idea you moron!") fire em away....

Ninthwave History

News bits- I just sent 8 new "releases" (well, and put "'s around new too) to IODA. I am re-posting the Macondo Remix Cd and the ESH "Urbanism" album that CDbaby "accidently" deleted.
Plus, as I ampacking up for a move I am going through my two big boxes o f"Ninthwave History" and am posting
1. a "single" for the ESH song "Digital City" from Urbanism, it will have two unreleased tracks with it, I amhoping to get it priced at $1.99 for all three tracks, we'll see.
2. A remix single for The Garland Cult's "Talking With Aliens" with mixes from Steve Bronski and Anni Hogan
3. ESH's "lost" EP "Terra Incognito" instrumental EP

So that's uh 5. What else. Oh yeah!

4. NASA - NExterday remix single (just a single version and a really cool remix)
5. NASA - Back to Square One- with versions of the song plus a remix and a version of Remembering the Future.

Both of these are old releases I am puttng up before the contract runs out...

And 8. Uh, was, ah heck, I forget. I Will update you when I get them back from IODA.

Also in the hopper- A re=post and exspansion of Spray's"ESM" Remix EP.
Ninthwave Rarities
The First two Gary Flanagan albums!
ESH Rarities album.

and maybe a few other things if they work out.

In the non-History section I also just got in the new Xero/G album, that will be off to IODA this week for an online release...


Uhm, May, and June

OK, May was our best sales month yet, 247 Cds shipped (most paid for). Yeah, best yet, kinda weird. Then June beat that by one CD, 248. But that's almost 500 CDs in 2 months, not bad considering that would be half of our yearly sales in a bad yea, a third in a normal year and about a 5th in our best year yet.

Yes, about 350 of those were Sonic Huba nd Heaven 17, but that means another 150 were random CDs. Not bad really. And digital sales are holding steady (but still not more than $500 worth a month).
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