Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 gracias

Whew, 2007 is almost over. Its been a weird year, the end of 2006 almost saw the demise of the label and now we have the #166 album on Amazon's MP3 chart. No, not #166 on the obscure synthpop releases released by labels based in Texas or something, but the whole damn chart. The Modern LP by The Matinee Club  By the time you read this I am sure it will be # 456000 but hey, for a moment on christmas eve...
Thanks to everyone who stuck by the label. 2008 will be a banner year, with no less than a new Spray album, new Alan Replica, new Garland Cult (plus 2 more from Aidan Casserly) plus some great dance music from Emotiquon and Melody & Mezzo (and maybe even a new EP from our newest signing Cotton & Gin) plus a few more things I am sure.

Friday, November 30, 2007

So many releases so little time (and money)

OK, so Today was mostly about the Matinee club. I ordered 100 promo Cds made up. They will be simple thing, black type on the CD face (instead of the full color art for the retail release) and a 2 sided (full color!) insert for the front (no back tray card, it will be housed in a slimeline CD case.) The cover will be slightly different. I mean to just copy over the art from the release but since the release was saved at 600 dpi and my cover for the promo was 300, only about a 4th of the front appeared. I actually liked it in a way, so I stuck wit that since it was a promo. The back is the same as the back to the CD booklet, except that I added “advanced copy” in obnoxious white type across it. [So-just to be supper clear- the art below is for the promo, not the album!]

I also got a call from the pressing plant today and they have the Matinee Club master and are working on the art. Wow that was fast. Nice being back east, only took a day to get to Penn. I hope to have these back by just after Christmas.

I also sent digital copies to IODA for the online vendors. Those should go up sooner than Jan 22.

The promos are to get the ball rolling on , um, promotion. I hired Reybee and they are very excited. I think that the band, but of course also Emma, have good potential to get some serious ink here- I am aiming for Blender, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. Why not huh?

Turns out Emma, the lead singer, has been in a bunch of TV shows in the UK and even some legit film (remember when that meant something, now most folks would rather be TV stars anyway).

I also prepped the new Alan Replica today, have to work on the art next week.And I got in the Emotiquon master, it sounds great- have to get art for that too. Oh, and Aidan sent me the new Figario album- I am not sure how he does this but it is better than the Garland Cult album even. Need art for that too (I sense a pattern).

Speaking of art- remember Qubiq’s Remix Cd and the awful art I did for the digital release? I found a great photo for the web banner on So I decided to press up some CDs of the release but the pic I used for the banner was just to low res (too small). So I tooled around Flickr and found a new photo and did a mock up (below) of a new cover. I emailed the guy who took the photo to ask about use, I hope to hear back soon. And I hope I don’t have to fork over huge cash for it. The picture is very cool.

Oh, and the damn Spray album, jeesh. I have to say no sometimes, but never to Spray!

Qubiq - the mock up showing just the front cover

The Mock up showing the booklet opened up on the outside.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When did you last buy a CD?

When did you last buy a CD?
I have to ask this question, because aside from some recent UK re-issues it has been a long time since I did. Not that I haven’t bought new music, just usually from iTunes or amazon’s MP3 store.

I thought about this as I shuffled the 400 copies I have left of the Garland Cult album. Granted the problem with records is that they are not like soap, each one is different and people like them for different reasons, but still. Previously ESH albums had usually sold 400-500 copies. I knew sales had slowed and that the Garland Cult would not appeal to all ESH fans, so I cut way back (I thought ) and ordered 500.

Online sales have been ok, but not enough to replace 300 “lost” CD sales. I’ve done the usual stuff, College Radio promo, even streamed the entire thing online. Heck, I even threw in a “free” bonus CD of remixes.

I am sensing a trend here- older Cds still sell ok (but not as much) and new ones barely at all. For the new Alan Replica release I am going to press 200 copies, half for promo. We’ll see what happens. And I guess with Spray, despite their fairly healthy sales, I will just do 500 of the new album, despite tacking on a Remix bonus disc,,,

update: the Matinee Club, Spray, etc.

Back to work after thanksgiving. This time of year always piles up.

Had a scare with the Matinee Club album over the weekend, but things are settled now. I shipped the album to press and to IODA digital today. It should go digital Dec 17, we’ll see. The Cd will be on amazon by Jan 22, already for pre order now, so that’s cool. click here for the CD on Amazon

I am putting up some Christmas track son the website ( so hurry on over.

I got the Spray CDs in yesterday, they look nice. Amazon and ADD will carry this limited (100 copies) Christmas single.

I should get in the Smash Hits CD (with new cover art) soon.

Now off to prep the Spray CD (for Children of a Laser God)

Oh- and ESH's Best Of is up on itunes- see the free track below

Monday, November 19, 2007

Smash Hits up on itunes

Only took an extra month...jeesh

A word about the cover - I wanted two things - Animie and sexy, not sure I got either one (it seems liek you should be able to get both at the same time, if half of the internet is to be trusted). I dunno, I kinda like it in a way...

Still. I am pressing up 100 copies of the CD, with the "original cover" [below] and also I am pressing 100 copies of the new Spray single - He Came with the Sleigh" (I dunno- some sort of Halloween cash-in evidently).

Have to see how they turn out, it is amazing to say that even pressing up 500 copies for most releases is about 300 too many.

Off to look at the art for the Spray Cd, which I will press 1000 of....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hot Gossip

An early Christmas gift to myself, the UK re-issue of the Hot Gossip album that BEF(Heaven 17) produced. A fariyl marginal album except of a great, funkier mix of "Soul Warfare" and a nice version of "I Don't Depend On Your." the key track is a cover of Talking Heads "Houses in Motion"- the sole track not produced by BEF.
The rest is classic early BEF/Human LEague. Minimal but funky.
See the Amazon box(es) on the left

Thursday, November 15, 2007


OK, so yesterday I was lamenting The Peoples, who have gotten love recently. I admit the Peoples were a hard sell, but today’s case is even more puzzling- Astromill.

Female vocals, cool dance beats, heavy Pet Shop Boys influence, spacey lyrics and imagery, yet twittering silence from the synthpop crowd. Was she too weird? Too spacey? Too dancey? Not enough.

[Couldn’t be Ninthwave’s fault, right? Hehehe, sigh, yeah probably is]

So tell me folks, what was it about what you heard you didn’t like. And if you never heard it, well, check out the links below.

"Stranded in Manchester" (mp3)
from "Astromill"
(Ninthwave Media)

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"Do Without" (mp3)
from "Astromill"
(Ninthwave Media)

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"No Stranger" (mp3)
from "Astromill"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Now that you have these three gems, comment me and tell me about them!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spray's Xmas gift

Spray has thoughtfully (opportunistically?) recorded a happy little Christmas ditty using their own song “He Came with the Frame” calling it instead “He Came with the Sleigh.” Clearly their creativity knows no bounds. You can listen and “watch” a “video” here:

Then you should rush over to purchase this future “All I Want For Christmas (is You)”like-Chestnut here:

Strange The Peoples

Every once is a while I get validated in a small way. I noticed two reviews from September on for the Peoples debut CD. I fell in love with John’s cotton candy melodies mixed with dark lyrics and dark voice. I thought people would love the uh, Peoples.
But it did not work out that way, it kinda was a tree that fell in the woods when no one was around. I tried to get some traction – sent it to lots pubs and college radio, but it just wasn’t what people wanted.
Then I see two back to back reviews on Amazon and have to smile.
I made a mix-cd for a friend the other day and popped on “Kaleidoscoping Eyes” as an example of great modern pop music.
Do yourself a favor and click on the Amazon or itunes link below and spin through his album.

The PeoplesThe Peoples
"You Won't Take the Fall" (mp3)
from "The Peoples"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Matinee club update

I think we finally have a track listing settled on and being mastered by Brian this week. I hope to get updated art VERY soon :-) then its off to press.
The track listing is
1. Industry
2. Jane Falls Down
3. Closing Door
4. Seven Oceans
5. Questions
6. Modern Love
7. Sometimes
8. Suburban Culture
9. Jane Falls Down Extended
10. Industry Extended
11. Suburban Culture Remix
12. Sometimes Remix

The album is called"Presents The Modern LP" as in The Matinee club Present the Modern LP. I think the album works very well for what is really a singles and b-sides collection. Got big plans for this one folks.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Smash Hits up and streaming baby
Hi folksYou can stream the entire Smash Hits album at right can also download two tracks from it for free!
The whole thing is no at in the MP3 section and also on emusic and other fine online stores
info for Smash Hits
1. DJ Daz “The Woah Song” (single edit)2. Space March meets VoodooRu “Explode” (She’s On Acid Mix )3. Electroluvs “Blonde” (Dolby Anol Mix)4. Sonic Hub featuring Martin Fry “New Man” (Deeks Digital Dub)5. Spray “I Am Gothic” ('I Am Gothic III - The Harrowing')6. The Garland Cult “All Good Things” (People Theatre Long Mix)7. Heaven 17 “Hands up to Heaven” (Spray Single Mix)8. The Thought Criminals featuring Rachel Carter “I Want To Be A Celebrity”9. Melody & Mezzo “Nightsahde” (Diskowarp Mix)10. Figaro “Hand on the Gun” (Steve Bronski Long Mix)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

nothing from nothing

Wow, ok, dying a slow death indeed. For the first time since I started Ninthwave back in 2000 we had a month where we shipped out NO CDS. Now, this is alarming, but not the end of the world. Our normal sales channels like Cdbaby, Amazon and ADD were well stocked up when we moved in August. Only now are they starting to get low. Amazon ordered a dozen H17’s yesterday.
And we had ORDERS in October, but for CDs I have run out of (so I guess that’s good in a small way).
And I won’t know digital album sales until Jan, so that might pick up too. Crazy monkey time I tell ya.

Status update-
The Modern – the album will have more than 7 tracks, less than 3200. It is being mastered and fussed over now, the art is ready.
Melody & Mezzo- have a new single up on their myspace, I might get wav files soon J!
Other stuff is lurching forward, need more time….

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rolling in pennies

OK, file under probably too much info. Going over reports from our Digital service partner who we've been with for about a year I see our gross (before their 15% cut) was just under $7k. Yeah. Don't worry, it gets worse. I spent about $14k in that same period, mostly becasue I got more $$ from CDbaby, Amazon and ADD.
It gets worse-
That 7k$, its fromthe sale of, get ready, 32k songs. Thirty two THOUSAND tracks, at about 22 cents each, minus 15% that comes to 18 cents a song or about $2 per album (10-11 tracks).

Welcome to the future, can you spare a quarter mister?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Smash Hits Hits Amazon

I am loving amazon's MP3 service. First up they have the "Pushing the Future" collection for just $2.99. I have no copies of this Cd left, so it's a bargain I guess. Lots of fun stuff on there, although most people liked it for the Heaven 17 dub.
Get Pushing the Future Vol. 2" on amazon

Today I find that amazon has popped up the new remix set I cobbled together last Spring - "Smash Hits." It has totally new stuff from Spray (a new I Am Gothic Mix) and a new Spray mix of Heaven 17's "Hands up to Heaven" (a new single edit). Plus new remixes from Space March, Though Criminals and the US release of DJ Daz's "Woah Song." fun stuff.
Get Smash Hits on Amazon

So here is where I get on my soapbox - I love itunes, but amazon is beating them on price and speed now. itunes takes a while toget things up, Amazon is much faster. And Amazon so far has been able to beat itunes on price. the only thing left is selection. iTunes has more stuff, but I think as time goes on Amazon will get those holdout labels on board...

Smash HitsElectroluvs
"Blonde" (mp3)
from "Smash Hits"
(Ninthwave Media)

More On This Album

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

wxjl - what's up?


OK, so a few years ago I thought it would be cool to do a CD collection of new bands, sort of a collective release. Each band would chip in $100 (150?) a track and then I would get the CD out to as many people as possible.

It worked pretty well, not all tracks were winners- but people liked it as a method for discovering new bands. I did again for #2 and for #3 I just gave away copies of the CD to people who bought Cds from Todd at ADD.

Since then a few tracks have sold on iTunes- I'll have to do some research to see how many, but usually say 4-5 a month (that is 4-5 songs a month, 1 copy each, we're talking the long end of the long tail folks!). I still have some copies of the Cds left (but not many of #1 and #2)

Last month added it to their MP3 store and huh, WXJL is our biggest seller-

It's even #64 on the Europop chart on Amazon. Hmmm. So not sure what it going on, I won't get sales reports for another month or so (if even, not sure how Amazon reports sales yet, monthly or quarterly).

Below is one of the more popular tracks from this set- in an original form. Eight to Infinity redid this track with female vocals for their album...

WXJL Presents Music For The MassesEight To Infinity
"Say You'll Come (Anywhere)" (mp3)
from "WXJL Presents Music For The Masses"
(Ninthwave Media)

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