Thursday, February 19, 2009

agggghhh! I can;t stop!

Synthpop Video of the Day

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bit of a cash flow issue here at the label. No, we're not going all Touch N Go on you all, but we're just shy of enough cash to pop out the new Empire State Human CD. Between paying some promotional costs and the split we have with artists, well, we just don;t rake it in here. Sorry.

I need some ideas about - how do we get the word out? The thing ells well as people hear it, but short of coming up with 10 grand to pay for indie radio promotion (seriously!) I am not sure how to push it to the next level. Guess I am greedy. Selling 5 albums a day on iTunes for us is nothing short of Amazing, but in the "real" world that is, uh, not amazing.

Sigh, in a funk today- it is cold, raining (or is that sleet!?)

Listening to Adele, which is not helping me feel lifted. Maybe time to pop in some Mary Mary!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Syenthetic Dance Music hits itunes, free download!

Hi folks

Well iTunes finally popped up the new Various Artist set - Synthetic Dance Music.

But they priced it pretty high (!) 16$. Wow. It's cheaper from the Ninthwave Store at IODA :

Also- to celebrate here is the 23 minute megamix that the wonderful Steve Olaf did for the set:download

Happy President's Day - and our condolances to our friends in Venzuela who have to deal with Chavez forever now...

Synthetic Dance MusicThe Electroluvs
"Blonde" (mp3)
from "Synthetic Dance Music"
(Ninthwave Media)

More On This Album

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ok, I like doing this, but need to stop

Here's another video. I am getting better imho, but need to stop this and concentrate on other matters lol.

Man, Ub Iwerks was a pioneer (this was the first color talkie animated cartoon) but not much of a story teller.

Here's the clip

and here is where you can find the original

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


SO yesterday I thought I would try my hand at slapping together a quick video for a Cotton and Gin track. The results were UGLY (see it on their blog before I rip it down and post something better - I hope).
Today I finally got a better handle on the stupid WIndows movie maker (hey - work with what you have!) and did a little bit better editing a video for Empire State Human's "Audio Gothic"
I got all original (sic) and used public domain footage from the classic film Nosferatu (sp?). It works, kinda.

Well, off to redo the Cotton & Gin one :-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

General label news

Cotton & Gin have posted a new track on the C&G Blog :

I have in the past few days "discovered" two great new synthpop acts. It is like some sort of renewel . I had almost given up. One is out of SIngapore- Leonard, the other Swedish - Dead Man Recovering. I made an offer to Leonard, and contacted the DMR people. Wow, it's like 1997 all over again!

The Modern are inches away from getting a new album rleeased in Asia, details to follow. I hope to be able to offer th esame album to the US digitally soon too. are working on an "09" version of "Butterfly" that should come out in the Spring....

More as I hear it.

Synthetic Dance Music

I finally got this baby up on IODA - so ti should be popping up early next week on places near and far (amazon etc.)

Some cool stuff here.

21 tracks:
1. Cuban_Boys_-_Swedish_Rhapsody_(edit)
2. - Doki Doki (Radio Edit)
3. Heaven 17 - I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me - T-Total's Secret Stalker Mix
4. Garland Cult - All Good Things (Radboy's Club Mix)
5. NASA - Back to Square One - m12 San Frandisco Mix
6. Melody and Mezzo - Nightshade - Spray Long Mix
7. Raindancer – Sleepless (absorb Projects Mix)
8. Spray – I Am Gothic 2009 Astromill Mix.
9. The Modern - Sometimes Zart 12"
10. The Electroluvs Blonde [Dolby-Anol Remix]
12. Spray - Run With Us (Melody & Mezzo 12" Remix)
12. Sonic Hub - New Man (QUBIQ Edit)
13. Emotiquon - Run Faster (On The Ceiling Mix)
14. Figaro - Cautious -Steve Olaf Remix
15. Spray - Queen Of Summer (Spray extended)
16. Garland Cult- Style- Qubiq Mix
17. Empire State Human - Dreams in the Mirror Qubiq Mix
18. Space March Four Winds (Electro Mix)
19. Astromill – No Stranger (dancexpose )
20. Cotton & Gin Pop Song For U2 (ep mix)
21. Steve Olaf – Synthetic Dance Continuous Mix

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rave On

A-well the little things you say and do
They make me want to be with you-oo-oo

Rave on, it's a crazy feeling and
I know it's got me reeling when you
Say, "I love you," rave on

The way you dance and hold me tight
The way you kiss and say good-ni-hi-hight

A-well rave on, it's a crazy feeling and
I know it's got me reeling I'm
So glad that you're revealing your love for me

Rave on, rave on and tell me
Tell me not to be lonely
Tell me you love me only, rave on to me

Rest in Peace Mr. Holly.
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