Monday, October 29, 2007

Rolling in pennies

OK, file under probably too much info. Going over reports from our Digital service partner who we've been with for about a year I see our gross (before their 15% cut) was just under $7k. Yeah. Don't worry, it gets worse. I spent about $14k in that same period, mostly becasue I got more $$ from CDbaby, Amazon and ADD.
It gets worse-
That 7k$, its fromthe sale of, get ready, 32k songs. Thirty two THOUSAND tracks, at about 22 cents each, minus 15% that comes to 18 cents a song or about $2 per album (10-11 tracks).

Welcome to the future, can you spare a quarter mister?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Smash Hits Hits Amazon

I am loving amazon's MP3 service. First up they have the "Pushing the Future" collection for just $2.99. I have no copies of this Cd left, so it's a bargain I guess. Lots of fun stuff on there, although most people liked it for the Heaven 17 dub.
Get Pushing the Future Vol. 2" on amazon

Today I find that amazon has popped up the new remix set I cobbled together last Spring - "Smash Hits." It has totally new stuff from Spray (a new I Am Gothic Mix) and a new Spray mix of Heaven 17's "Hands up to Heaven" (a new single edit). Plus new remixes from Space March, Though Criminals and the US release of DJ Daz's "Woah Song." fun stuff.
Get Smash Hits on Amazon

So here is where I get on my soapbox - I love itunes, but amazon is beating them on price and speed now. itunes takes a while toget things up, Amazon is much faster. And Amazon so far has been able to beat itunes on price. the only thing left is selection. iTunes has more stuff, but I think as time goes on Amazon will get those holdout labels on board...

Smash HitsElectroluvs
"Blonde" (mp3)
from "Smash Hits"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

wxjl - what's up?


OK, so a few years ago I thought it would be cool to do a CD collection of new bands, sort of a collective release. Each band would chip in $100 (150?) a track and then I would get the CD out to as many people as possible.

It worked pretty well, not all tracks were winners- but people liked it as a method for discovering new bands. I did again for #2 and for #3 I just gave away copies of the CD to people who bought Cds from Todd at ADD.

Since then a few tracks have sold on iTunes- I'll have to do some research to see how many, but usually say 4-5 a month (that is 4-5 songs a month, 1 copy each, we're talking the long end of the long tail folks!). I still have some copies of the Cds left (but not many of #1 and #2)

Last month added it to their MP3 store and huh, WXJL is our biggest seller-

It's even #64 on the Europop chart on Amazon. Hmmm. So not sure what it going on, I won't get sales reports for another month or so (if even, not sure how Amazon reports sales yet, monthly or quarterly).

Below is one of the more popular tracks from this set- in an original form. Eight to Infinity redid this track with female vocals for their album...

WXJL Presents Music For The MassesEight To Infinity
"Say You'll Come (Anywhere)" (mp3)
from "WXJL Presents Music For The Masses"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MP3s on Amazon

OK- Found the new re-issue of ESH's "Terra Incognito" EP. It was the first EP they put out on Peoplesound (it was an early also ran).
Empire State Human Terra Incognito

I also got a page here that shows you all the Ninthwave Releases on Amazon, some really good prices (well, not for Ninthwave maybe, but for you)
All Ninthwave Releases

I mean, look at some of these: POP Robot for $5.99? Astromill? WXJLs for $4 each? ESH's Liquid blue for $2 and oh, Raindancer's "Sleepless" for $7. Well, Amazon ain't stoopid, "Sleepless" is out of print after all...
ok. Well, things are never boring around here. Woke up to hear news that the Matinee Club had a new release on itunes. Wow. Well, it isn't really new, it's just the Cd they put out on Planet Clique earlier this year. iTunes has this for under $4 (Amazon, in a rare move, is $5.50!) So here get it at itunes
It's a great song (and you get 5 mixes a nd a "b-side.").

Our "Modern LP" collection will have a band photo from the same session. I think. I have seen the art but do not have a final cover in yet.

the album tracks will rock out a bit more than this single. Kind of weird for us here at Ninthwave, but also fun. I do like to rock a bit from time to time you know. Really!

In related Blonde folk news, I picked up the new Mari Wilson collection- primo stuff for those who miss the early 1980s '50s revival (Stray Cats, Roman Holiday etc.).

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Matinee Club present the Modern LP

So it is then, RIP Modern, all hail the new Modern!

anybody get "Disco 4" - The Pet Shop Boys increasingly sloppy remix series? When I heard it would feature a bunch of remixes the bos had done for others I was kinda bummed. I mean, why not start a new series for that? I know Disc 2 and 3 were lame but maybe with some focus the Boys could whip #4 into shape. So I was practically shouting for joy when I popped in the CD and heard, back to back to back, remixes for The Killers, Bowie and the PSB's own "Intergral." It sounded like the Boys of old, odd but compelling songs, dramatic remixes, solid songs. All the things missing from the Boys own last two studio albums.

Then comes Yoko. Oh cruel woman, the BEatles weren;t enough? You had to go destroy a PSB album too? I just. don't. get. it.

The Madonna remix is fine, she's done much better and lord knows the Boys have done better (you can hear better on this album!). The Rammstein and the other band (who knows?) were pretty bad. I think the songs were bad to begin with, sorry.

So, after a good start the album falls apart. I popped Nightlife in the other day and that sounds almost classic right now compared to what had dribbled out of the PSB camp since the turn of the century. Sorry, but take some time off guys...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Acceptable album cover versus a much better one

So a little while ago I slapped together a collection of Remixes that Qubiq did for Ninthwave. Then I slapped together some artwork (see where this is going?) The one on the left is the album cover I spent 10 minutes on...

Then last week I did a banner for the album for the Ninthwave Website: (see below)

See, I spent some time, lifted an image (steal is such an ugly word). See how much better it is? It even has meaning, that’s Phoenix AZ at night, Qubiq’s home town. Crap, wish I could get that cover out there now….

That was (relatively) fast. -

I got three new remixes from the folks at The Modern etc. yesterday. I liked all three in their own way (although I suspect critics will say they are all over the map, as if this was something bad). I suggested that the EP add those three. So now I am thinking November may be tricky to hit, but I am still hoping. I saw the art today plus a bunch of photos from some sessions. Wow! The CD art is good, but some really cool pictures too. I can’t tell you how nice it is to work with folks who have their act together and are ambitious. It kind of freaks me out because I really have to step up to the plate on this one. The good thing is that I have a very good publicity guy on my side. Now if I could just line up a tour (for free of course)….

Looks like Spray is winning in the release derby. By one. The only vote so far. Come on folks, little love here!

EMOTIQUON – the fun guys who did a remix of Heaven 17’s “I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me” have been kind enough to give Ninthwave their first proper single – “Run Faster.” [I tried to get their Heaven 17 remix below, but all I can get is another remix from the single- someone should talk to Heaven 17’s US label!] It’s a great song- kinda fast in part so I am sure those adventurous Billboard club DJs will flock to it.

I can not find any more damn Macaondo Cds anywhere. I have no idea what happened to the box I had left of them when I moved.

I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With MeHeaven 17
"I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me" (mp3)
from "I'm Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

what's next?

Hey! What should I do next- release a cd from Spray, Xero -g or the Smash Hits dance collection? Spray would have a bonus disc of mixes, the Smash Hits would be a cheepo release and the Xero-g would be, well, on Cd finally. Let me know....

Matinee Club forum watch

Well, so far no one has noticed the banner at!

Got word today that there will not be 6 tracks but rather 7 on the Modern EP! The new song is really good btw. "Questions."

approved today the ESH best of "Popularity?" which will come with a pdf booklet on iTunes. Very snazzy and totally worth getting the entiring thing for.

I also approved the online releaed of Music For Human. That and "Rarity? (which I have not yet let out of the gate because I have to get lal sorts of publishing clearance) will bring the total of ESH releases on iTunes to 2,495,543. Oh wait, another 5 just slipped on, let's round it off to an even dozen. wow.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Songs I like right now

Remi Nicole- I Like rock n roll. No, not the Joan Jett song.

Maybe she's completely manafactured, but I like everything I've heard from her. And yes,she sounds JUST like Lilly allen. What's your point? She has some good songs (did she write them?) - something Ms. Allen seems to be lakcing imho.

Best dance mix of the year has to go to Karl G's remix of "Monster" by the Automatic) or the automatic automatic as they are know here).
Love the break down and the chorus!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend and check out nitnhwave as Qubiq has a buch of streaming mixes up from his new mix album out on... ninthwave!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Random thoughts

Raidohead- God bless em but I think ,based on reports I hear, they f 'd it up by somehow not expecting that thousands of fans would actually want to buy the damn thing. Labels are a pain int he ass, but they do serve a purpose. Keep trying boys...

Amazon download store- love it. Good prices, has a ton of stuff, so why do I still reflexively go to itunes to buy singles?

Heard the new duran single, don't tell anna but I damn near fell asleep. Hope this wasn't one Timberland/lake touched...

I love LPs. 45s and CDs. I am organizing my collection after a cross country move and realize there is a lot of joy in looking at and handling these things. I feel connected to the artist ("I'm your number one fan!")

Big Album Sales- so part of what the industry has been doing to itself is saving all this crap for the 4th quarter? Why is the Annie Lennox being dropped this week with barely a word? Wouldn't she get better press in say March? But no, gotta try to hit folks as they venture into the record stores for their once a year trip in November. And why don't they go any other time? They have learned that popular artists only put things out in October and November.
It's called a self fulfilling prophecy people. The industry has programmed people to wait until one time a year where they march I, buy the one album they care about, and leave. No more browsing, no more weekly (or monthly for normal folks) trips to the store to see what is out. They know nothing is out until October!

50 Cent Vs Kanye West- Hmmm, I guess hyped good music, even in a genre I left for dead a long time ago, still out sells just hype.

The dollar versus the pound: What are you trying to do to me? The UK still releases some great CDs (finally a Mari Wilson collection! Early Dead or Alive with bonus mixes!) but they have become out of sight expensive. 4.99 sterling used to be a bargain, but hey, that plus postage means it’s $15 for a midline reissue.

Up Here For Thinking, Down There For DancingMacondo
"What If He Doesn't Show?" (mp3)
from "Up Here For Thinking, Down There For Dancing"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Random label news

Hi folks
Some news:
A new qubiq Remix album is up online now featuring remixes for Heaven 17, Empire State Human, Melody & Mezzo and Garland Cult. Most of these are making their online debut.

Check it out at itunes, eMusic and other similar outfits

amazon has MP3 downloads (NOT DRM, but MP3!) and they are oftne much cheaper than itunes.(AlthoughI did just notice that Heaven 17's "IGMYFILWM" is $2 more on mp3 than CD!)
Check out ninthwave stuff on amazon:

Look for the release of Empire State Human's "Popularity" online at the end of October, it will feature a pdf "booklet" free when yo ubuy the album. Nifty little extra.

The Garland Cult will pop up "Talking With Aliens" single with mixes from Anni Hogan and Steve Bronski (yes, that Steve Bronski) soon as well. Stay tuned...

Remember that girl (or guy ) you broke up with and then one day you meet them again and realize that you should have never been so quick to break it off so yo utell each other you should try again? So you get all Modern and join some sort of Matinee Club and see how it goes?

And in the almost but no quite catagory- our close personal friend Kevin Smith cut out Heaven 17's "Don't Fear the Reaper" from the debut of The Reaper (on the CW). Good show but kinda pssied I had to sit through the whole thing to findout they cut the song...

What is it with you people and Macondo? Three years and nothing, then suddenly whammo, orders pour in...

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