Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bit of a cash flow issue here at the label. No, we're not going all Touch N Go on you all, but we're just shy of enough cash to pop out the new Empire State Human CD. Between paying some promotional costs and the split we have with artists, well, we just don;t rake it in here. Sorry.

I need some ideas about - how do we get the word out? The thing ells well as people hear it, but short of coming up with 10 grand to pay for indie radio promotion (seriously!) I am not sure how to push it to the next level. Guess I am greedy. Selling 5 albums a day on iTunes for us is nothing short of Amazing, but in the "real" world that is, uh, not amazing.

Sigh, in a funk today- it is cold, raining (or is that sleet!?)

Listening to Adele, which is not helping me feel lifted. Maybe time to pop in some Mary Mary!

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