Friday, January 22, 2010

DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek

So this may be a little too "DJ" for some, but as someone who still puts in the first DJ Shadow album from time to time this stuff struck me as arright, you know?
...watermelon is all that can cool it..."

Solar Life Raft is the collaborative project of Brooklyn's DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek. Their spacey mixtures of tropical heat, Top 40 bounce, punishing drum and bass, sweltering dance hall and grimey dubstep has been intoxicating listeners for years.

Solar Life RaftMatty G, DJ /Rupture, Lloop
"Layin in Bed, Overture: Watermelon City feat. Elizabeth Alexander, Autumn Rain" (mp3)
from "Solar Life Raft"
(the Agriculture)

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