Friday, February 12, 2010

upcoming Ninthwave-

A bunch of stuff is upcoming - These four should hit digital stores by the end of Feb:

Ninthwave 10th Anni Remixes - Bobby from Synthetik FM has put together remixes of some of our best releases, both his and other folks' all new remixes. Tracks (I will pop up some of these in the following weeks:
1. “Gale Winds (People Theatre's Disaster Mix”) - Xero/G
2. “We Have the Dancefloor to Ourselves (Decade Mix)” - Gary Flanagan
3. “Technology (Wave in Head mix)” - Synthetik FM
4. “Stranded in Manchester (London Calling Mix)” - Astromill
5. “Saturday Boys (Stephen Angle Mix)” – Macondo
6. “The Machines (Electronic Sheep Mix)”- Alan Replica
7. “Lady of the Night (2010 mix)” - Ganymede
8. “I Am Gothic (2009 Toccata Fugue Mix)” - Spray
9. “Hand on the Gun (Asteroid mix)” - Empire State Human
10. “Style (Markymix)” - The Garland Cult
11. “Neon Rain (Markymix)” - Ganymede -
12. “Talking With Aliens (Klaatu Mix)” - The Garland Cult
13. “Dollar in Blue Collar (Synthetik FM Extended Mix)” - Empire State Human
14. “Teenage Timebomb (Hyperbubble's Bonaduce Mix)” - Electroluvs

We are re-releasing the Matinee Club/Modern album (digital only) to include a bunch of rare tracks and remixes:
1 Nothing Special
2 Goodbye Means Forever
3 Suburban Culture
4 Discotheque Francais
5 Sometimes
6 Model 426
7 Closing Door
8 Seven Oceans
9 Modern Love
10 Questions
11 Jane Falls Down
12 Industry
13 Photographs Of You
14 Fool In The Name Of Love
15 Travelodge
16 Teenage Drag
17 Tokyo Girls (Eastern Promises Mix)
18 Discotheque Francais (Spektrum 12i Mix)
19 Sometimes (Lawgiverz Mix)
20 Suburban Culture (Arts & Crafts Remix)
21 Industry (Extended Mix)
22 Jane Falls Down (Extended Mix)

Plus two new bands for Ninthwave:
Starfunk - We'll release an EP for "Freaks Come Out At Night"
Myspace page - Starfunk
The EP is club friendly music from Leonard T, great stuff.

Pennyliquid - An EP of song for this heavy electronica band. Check out their myspace page here:
The EP is called "Robot Dreams" and is awesome deep electronica imho.

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