Friday, December 3, 2010

free Empire State Human EP - Merry Christmas etc.

Silent Night (Empire State Human) by ninthwave records

Analogue Christmas by ninthwave records

Suddenly (Empire State Human) by ninthwave records


Anonymous said...

What has happened to these guys?

Anonymous said...

Loveeeeeeeely !!! :D

Such a voice!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatcha mean what has happened to these guys?
They're still one of the most formidable and creative synth bands around. This is a simple and smooth free ep. Enjoy it. A new ESH album awaits 2011 like a shiny new elecytonic toy!

Marius D

ESH said...

Hey Marius!

Thanks for the kind words.
Yes, it is just a EP we're offering on free download for December only. Not sure why there's a question hanging over it or indeed us. Nothing happened to ESH ... 14 official releases since 2002 back that up!
"The Art" is going to be a really cool album, in fact it is a double album or sorts as it will include a bonus mini space themed album called "Genesis Apollo". Two video's of two tracks from that bonus album are now on You Tube ...

Aidan & Lar

Anonymous said...

Everybody to their own. I got really excited when I heard about some new material but I'm so disappointed and surprised how bad and cheesy it sounds. I just listened to the songs on You Tube and sorry but opinion has not changed. I am entitled to my opinion just like the next guy so don't have a go at me, It's nothing personal.

Ninthwaver said...

check out "Search For Love" EP -a recent EP of new stuff.
And, yeah, its not for everyone, but for those who like it- they're still around

ESH said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanks for explaining further. Your comments were sort of unclear but I do except them of course I do.
Xmas tracks are always cheesy and emotive in my opinion, but I also think ESH are certainly capable of more cheese then others :)

The other tracks ("Search for Love") I think aren't cheesy and are more representitive of the next album ... we're not the same band we were in 1999 or 2002, so I guess we've lost as many fans from that period as we may have won over since ...



Anonymous said...

Sounding good guys. If it's cheese I would say it's an expensive stilton :-)

Seán B

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