Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gina Lily "Deliver Me"

OK, so today I do a search on iTunes to see if the new Cotton & Gin single "Traveling and Folding" is up. I put in "Folding Gin" boom, nope, not up yet (grrrr). But this album does pop up by Gina Lily (the "gin" part I guess) - looks homemmade. The copyright is Gina Lily, so I guess it is. Eh, worth a chuckle to click on a song to see how bad it is. Holy FLurkin Snit, it's not only not bad, it is actually quite good! "Monsoon" ht me first, but all the tracks are really well done, good songwriting, well produced. Ms. Lily's voice is somewhat borderline to be honest, but she makes it work really well. It reminds me of a lot fo stuff from the early 1990s like Toni Childs, Julia Fordham etc- this is not polished autotuned pop, this is real, somewhat earthy, pop music. I am lovin this record and I have no idea who this person is. Its a shame really, she's not hooking up with (not this record anyway) or releasing a sex tape, so I guess she'll never really get noticed. Too bad. this is the kind of record A&M or Elektra would have put out. If yo uknow what I mean then you know that this is a good, well done record that will sink beneath the waves without a trace. Sigh.


Gina Lily D'Attilio said...

Hey NinthWaver! It only took me two years or so to notice your post about me! That's so crazy, and thank you for your wonderful words. They mean a lot... it's kinda wild to think people are hearing my music and I don't know about it... anyway thanks for reinforcing my commitment to recording a follow up album! Hopefully it'll ready by the end of the year! Xo

Gina Lily D'Attilio said...

ps. the you've got some really great talent on your label site :-) I'm delighted by the music filled afternoon in my future!

Gina Lily D'Attilio said...
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