Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moombahton Nation 2012 - track list, details

Note: So this comes out Jan 31 on Ninthwave. The track list is not fixed yet and the set will come with 2(probably) DJ mixes of all tracks. So about 3 hours of Moombhaton madness. Indeed.

Moombahton Nation 2012 Announcing “Moombahton Nation 2012” out January 31 2012 on Ninthwave Records. Available on itunes, amazon, Beatport, Juno, eMusic etc. 14 tracks of hot underground Moombahton aka Moombahcore.

Moombahton is a cross between SOCA/Electro/Dubstep and slowed down Dutch Jump/House music. Got that? The genre was popularized by Major Lazer (Diplo) and now has been incorporated everyone from Beyonce to Skrillex (check out “Right on Time” for the feel, if not the tempo/bpm). The music is serious dance floor filler, but at a slower BPM than house or techno (it is usually at about 108-112 BPM).

1. Feral aka Kinky “Tweet Retweet (Geek Boy Remix)”

2. Andy After Dark “Our World”

3. Jimkbojangles “Jimbothon”

4. The Playground Poets “Midnight”

5. Ivytron “It’s War”

6. Sile’Saibin “Moombah Dayz”

7. Albodo “Bombatron”

8. Laera “Maravilla (original Mix)”

9. Kayjay “Cudahy Stomp (Original Mix)”

10. Danny Gallardo “A Toda Costa”

11. Matthew Barnes “Clap N Slap”

12. Dj Sharon “Let Me See Those Hands”

13. WLG “Valeriya”

14. Eursh “Steel Drums N Shit”

15. Bass Bear “Roar”

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