Thursday, May 17, 2007

Garland Cult

So I got the new Garland Cult CD in finally. Shipping it today to Amazon and ADD. This si the big test case to see if people like the extra, non-online, CD of remixes I threw in,

The artwork is amazin btw- very classy yet trashy at the same time.

I am talking with Spray now about "Children of a Laser God" - I am hoping to get out a Cd version with a bonus CD of remixes this summer. Ric has the second Cd all lined up we just have to hammer out details.

Smash Hits still on the way, art is held up.

iTunes only took 2 months but the Heaven 17 single is finally up, still no word on what the hold was.

I also placed a Heaven 17 track on a big TV show this fall (hint- it's a cover, it should be the theme song, Kevin Smith! but it's just being used in the background)

Ummmm, that's about it.

Protect Yourself From Hollywood

Download "Pity Party" (mp3)
from "Protect Yourself From Hollywood"
by The Garland Cult
Ninthwave Media

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