Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You Give Love a B-b-b-bad Name!

Ok, so whats up this week.
I dunno. Still not over the great performance by Blake Lewis on AI last night. He has shown some promise over the season but last night really kicked it up a notch as they say. As much of a fan I am of the show I have never so much as purchased a download from any one on AI. But I have to say I will be pre ordering Blake’s album. I just hope dear old Clive keeps his hands off. The music, you know.

Any one of those guys on AI has talent, can sing, but Blake is the first one in a long time that seems to actually get that pop stars, the good kind, don’t just memorize words and sing the melody. I think it even took our gal pal Kelly a while to catch on to that.

Talked to Ric of Spray – Children of a Laser God will be out of CD this summer, with a bonus disc of remixes. More on that as it happens.

Smash Hits- working on the art today, or rather the credits so the art can be sewed up by the weekend. From there it’s off to the pressing plant.

April was the best month for shipments we’ve ever had thanks to the Heaven 17 single and the Sonic Hub single (plus very good orders for Space March and back catalog). We shipped out 250 Cds about. Cued MadTv’s “Lowered Expectations” clip.

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