Monday, January 19, 2009

Does Amazon matter?

Up front - Amazon still matters, a LOT, when it comes to CD sales.

But does it matter when it comes to downloads? From my point of view, no. Not even close. October was a good month for Ninthwave - the album sold well and Heaven 17 's "Reaper" cover sold really well. And over at Amazon we did well - Heaven 17 was usually in the top 25,000 of the songs list and often was top 10,000 of albums sold. Mind you, top 10k is pretty badm until you realize there are at least 500,000 tracked albums on Amazon and I am sure many more tracked songs.

So- not bad, right? Well, I get the October statement from IODA. iTune sales? About $900. Emusic? Usually about $300. Amazon? -Well, what would you predict for what is supposedly the #3 ranked seller of MP3s now? $300? $250? $100? $50 even? Try $32. And this i with titles that are selling well on Amazon.

So, right now at least, when it comes to digital sales, Amazon does not matter at all.

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