Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Record Company/Bad Record Comapny

Arista/RCA (or whoever they are now) is at least trying with the new Annie Lennox best of. check out this website for what they are doing. There you can:
Listen to tracks from the album, watch videso (it's a CD/dvd set) and order it from amazon. Plus they have a blog from annie herself explaining each song.

I may try this for the new ESH album. Stream it and have a special page for them to post words about the album. Maybe two new songs a week streamed? Hmmm.

Now on to a record comapny that just does NOT GET IT. UMG (Universal) I am talking about YOU!
I have a small child, so I now have the Wall-e video. (A great movie, and not just for kids, it should have gotten a best picture nod imho).

It opens with "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello Dolly. It is the version of the song from the movie version. Now Micheal Crawford (yeah, that Micheal Crawford) sounds like a 5 year old on it, but it is a great song- one of those big production numbers in the movie.

And by the way, Wall-e features a GREAT Peter Gabrial song. So I bounced to iTunes, got the Gabrial song for 99 cents and...

oh, the one minute version of "Sunday clothes" is album only- so I bounced over to the Soundtrack to Hello Doly and the WHOLE ALBUM is album only.

WTF? Does UMg really think I'm gonna shell out $10 for a musical, and a marginal muscial at that (hey, I took American Musical theater in colege, I know from good musicals).

I am not going to scour the torrents for the song, but I expect that a local library has the CD...

So UMG looses my 99 cents, and certianly will not get my $10. DO they win? Maybe some folks will shell out $10 for one song (from the Amazon reviews it seems some people have) but really, take advantage of the huge success of Wall-e and let people get the one song - maybe you will get some new fans who will plunk down money for the album.

and don't tell me the stage version is for sale by song only - the guy singing on the stage version is terrible, ugh.

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