Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol

OK- so this season has been, like many, kinda lame. Then in swished Adam Lambert, singing Tears of a Clown like nothing I had ever heard. Then last night, to return to the Tears theme, he tackled "Mad World." Wow, really? Is American Idol really going to let him pick decent songs (all the other 80s hits, a defacto 80s night since it was Year You Were Born night - were really horrible choices - "All She Wants to Do Is Dance"? uh, ok, that song is about production, not songwriting, even Don Henly would agree).

anyway, Glambert really did the song justice- not as huanting as Gary Jules' version, but a lot better than what might have been.

I still think he should have done Smalltown Boy ;-)

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Ju said...

It was an amazing performance. What was more amazing was Simon gave a standing ovation to Adam's performance. Superstar. OMG! Watch what happened after:

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