Friday, April 3, 2009

catch up - new ESh Cd is out/in the mail!

Ok, been very busy here with a lot of projects, but I have a few things to update to you guys about:

The new Empire State Human cd came in this week. A Different drum should have it by the weekend. Amazon has it for pre order
[Audio Gothic].
All around pre orders for this Cd were the best we’ve ever had except for, even better than Heaven 17 (!) We’ve sold about 1200 Heaven 17 cds in the past three years, so we’ll see.

Reaction to the album has been very good. Reviews should start popping up in the next few weeks.

ESH’s remix contest on finished up. Go here for results. Ninthwave will release an EP of the five best (as picked by the band) very soon.

Hey! If you have a favorite blog let me know about it ( - there are so many out there (ahem!) that I figure the best ones to try and reach out to are the ones fans of ninthwave go to.

I also have the pleasure of telling you that we just signed a new act, Leonard T (his myspace page). He is old skool synthpop with all the bells and whistles. I know that you guys will love his album. Details to follow.

Cotton and Gin are thisclose to finishing up another EP, this one with guitars in every song (!)

Alan Replica has gotten at least one of his songs placed in a new movie about men and testosterone (don’t ask, I have no idea, really!) I will let you know how that goes. play an anime convention this next weekend (April 11th) details on their website.

OK, now back to listening to more of the 55 remixes of Melancholic Afro that laptoprockers got in their contest….

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