Monday, July 27, 2009

whats new? Track times are IMPORTANT! also, Apple pretty cool really

Ugh, ok, well things are going fine really. I hired the guy who pushed Heaven 17's "Hands Up To HEaven" for us to push the new DJ Keri single "Beautiful Girl." Trouble is I forgot to put track times on the CD so the DJs are relucatant to spin through the ten remixes (too many I hear, now) to see which one will work for them. Ugh! So far 4 DJs have added the song but it takes 10 to get on the charts.

Aidan Casserly has a new album, solo work. Very different from his Garland Cult or ESH stuff. I think people will be surprised (in a good way). I will get that pressing started this week for a late August release.

iTunes (!) posted the Cotton & Gin album - "Things We Lost in the Catastrophic Failure of Our Mac Book Hard Drive" Wow, I guess either they just don;t care or figured it wasn;t worth the hassle of the free publicity I would have milked out of them rejecting it. lol.

iTunes : Things We Lost in the Catastrophic Failure of Our Mac Book Hard Drive

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