Thursday, September 9, 2010

help us RUSH the Amazon charts!!!


Please help us fix the charts spread the word about Synthetic Dance Music vol 2.

We want to see how far up the amazon chart we can drive the album. Yesterday about a half a dozen friends and I bought copies and got the title to #1408.

Today I would like to hit higher heights.

Please use the link below to buy a digital copy of the album , then zip me an email to let me know and I Will zip you via paypal the $5.99 you spent on the album. I can only do the first 50 people so if it is later in the day check with me. Since we want to have a big impact please only do this if you can buy it by midnight tonight, Sept 9 2010.

Sound like fun? Then buy it by midnight 9/9/10 and email me.

Then check in on Amazon to see results later today.

Right now I think this will only work on the US amazon pages, so sorry if you are not in the US.



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