Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey, did you know ther eis a NEW Red Box album on the way? oh and new Human League too :-)

Yeah, that's what I said - Red box, wtf? I just found out a few years ago they released a follow up toThe Circle and the Square and now they are relasing a third album, some 20 years later.
Very strange. Can not wait ot hear it. has it for pre order. It's Called Plenty (Limited Double Cd) by the way :-)

Of course this will get missed by the very 80s revival going on what with non other than the Human League announcing a new single (Night People) and album (Credo).

Plus- have you heard the new OMD? Not bad really - a bit too much of the early era sound (to me it sound like they are cashing in on nostalgia, but hey, it works for me!)

Of course you aren't a REAL OMD fan unless you splash out $125 bucks for this monster box set. I guess


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