Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another exciting release - Paul Rutherford's solo album reissued

Wow, I thought I would never see this. Bigtime ABC Conectoin btw

· Expanded 2CD reissue of the only solo album to date from Paul Rutherford, former Frankie Goes To Hollywood singer and icon of 80s pop
· Originally released in 1989, this is the first time the album has been available in the UK

· Includes much sought-after early remixes by the likes of Arthur Baker and David Morales

· Lead track is the acid house anthem Get Real, which - like Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax - received an airplay ban from the BBC.

· Three tracks - including a beautiful cover of Chic's I Want Your Love - are co-written and produced by Martin Fry and Mark White a/k/a ABC

· 17 bonus tracks include all the A-side mixes, B-sides, 12" remixes and promo-only tracks - many of which appear on CD for the first time

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