Wednesday, February 16, 2011

label update

Well, this blog was originally about me running Ninthwave records- into the ground… (thankyouverymuch! I’ll be here all week! Tip your Waitress!). But I haven’t written too much lately because things have been slow and I have not bothered.
Here goes

Kyle Brylin – single out now. Kyle was brought to me by Charlie Mason – a guy who has an INCREDIBLE ear for hot pop – just the kind I like. Charlie put together mixes and even an amazing video. We’re spending 4 figures on promotion (gulp!) because we both think this will be the start of something great. We’ll see. Most days I feel like we’re just suckers, lol. [psssst- it mights be that the song ends up on ABC TV somewheres, stay tuned.

Empire State Human/Aidan Casserly/Etc. Aidan is sending me a second solo album, released a GREAT ESH single before Christmas and now says he will get me a new ESH album (“Art”) this year. When does the guy sleep?

I have been talking to Van Go Lion about releasing an EP. I hope, I hope, I hope they get back to me, I love their stuff (check out Sugarblush below).

Leonard (aka Starfunk) just sent me a great new CD under the Starfunk name- it is the kind of album George Michael should be making. In fact if GM just recorded his vocals over this album it would be his comeback album. Instead Leonard is allowing me to release it here in the US. Happy day!

Cotton and Gin did something kinda stupid yesterday. It’ll pop up on iTunes in the next 1247 hours. Ugh, hope it works.

Hey, anybody have one of the Original Gary Flanagan CDrs? Gary says his doesn’t work anymore- I have the mp3 files but am curious.

I sent two huge boxes of Cds to Tommy at DSBP so he can send them out to college radio. I figure why not. Cd sales have all but flat-lined. Amazon sells 2-8 a month for me now. It is a vicious circle- I am reluctant to press up cds, so of course I sell less ( or none).

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