Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cdbaby strike again- but do right in the end

Well, the subject line probably won't hlpe my case, but I am tired of trying to deal with Cdbaby- which has gone from user friendly to being a pit of trouble.

A few months ago I asked them to remove MOST ninthwave titles so IODA could post them. IODA seems to be able to tell me xactly what has sold and what they have been paid for. CDbaby send me seemingly random amounts of money that never line up to what they report. And here's the funny things, it's not like they are cheating me - sometimes it was more- point is it is always OFF.

So today I was surfing iTunes, and went to Spray just to see what was selling. I then noticed that the online remix EP "Electrified..." was not there. I had specifically asked CDbaby to keep that EP, the first Electroluvs, ESH's Urbanism and MAcondo's Dance Remix CD up because I was too lazy to burn new CDs to send to IODA (never mind find album art).

So, now - I don;t know. Cdbaby got all pissy with me when I took down the other stuff, saying if I wanted to ever put it back I had to have new UPC code. I am sure iTunes told Cdbaby that so CDbaby artists wouldn't randomly pull and put stuff up over and over.


UPDATe: Cdbaby emailed me (I emailed first) and said if a mistake was made they would repost the CDs with new barcodes (they would pick up the tab). Alllllrighty then!

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