Monday, April 9, 2007

I'm gonna make you sell some cds...

Well a spot of good news today- Late last week Amazon listed both the new Heaven 17 single and the new Sonic Hub Fea Martin Fry (ABC)

I rallied the fan clubs on both and today Amazon placed pre orders for 33 H17 singles and 18 Sonic Hub. This from a place that usually orders 2 copies the week after the release date. They even ordered 6 Space March album ahead of time. Now I'm trying not to fool myself- these are the fans ordering, not like the single has taken off. But I did managed to package up 155 promos Cds of the H17 single and to send to DJs this week. NExt week I'll do it all again for the Sonic Hub single and the full length H17 single when they come back from the pressing plant.

Wonderful Todd LeMieux finished up an ad for BPM magazine last night. I am trying again with some ads- have to see what sort of reaction- mainly I am hoping (expecting?) BPM to run a review of the Before/Afteralbum from H17.

I also started 2 new Google ads- do a search on Martin Fry and Heaven 17 and you should see an ad in both results. This has worked pretty well before- it drove lots of people to look at B/A this past Christmas, and I think helped sell a few Cds.


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