Thursday, April 26, 2007

We got numbers folks!

Lots going on here. I finally got the Space March, the Heaven 17 single and the Sonic Hub single into the stores (ok, well amazon and A different Drum, but that’s all that counts, right?)

iTunes crap- They posted sonic Hub and Space March but still no sign of the Heaven 17 single despite the fact I sent the H17 single out a month before. It’s not IODA’s fault either- eMusic and others have the H17 up already…

Garland Cult – OK, finally got art set, the Cd is up on Amazon for pre order and the plant says they will ship it next week. Lots of folks eager to hear this (well, it’s been up on itunes for 2 months people) . In some ways this is a test- I tacked on a second CD of remixes that are not up online (well, legit online at least). So for once you get more for buying the damn CD. And the 2 Cd set is only $9.49 on Amazon.

Oh yeah- another marketing thing. I lowered the prices of every ninthwave CD on Amazon. Singles to $2.99 (most of em), collections $4.99 and albums $6.99. Hey, I have boxes sitting around, why not move em?

The way I see it is you get a CD and the files, rip em till your blue. All for less than iTunes. Your choice. I could charge $14.99 and not sell all that many, but I’m a sick puppy- I like people to hear the music I release.

Smash Hits- a great (ok, some will say stupid) collection of remixes from bands on the label is mastered. The art is pretty much done. I just have to nail down the credits. It’ll be $4.99 on Amazon, yeah it’s just in a cardboard (full color!) sleeve. Whatdayawant?

OK- here’s the big , sad news: Tuesday Amazon sold 50 CDs on mine. 33 Heaven 17 and 17 sonic hub’s (ok, some were pre ordered, but weren’t shipped). Pretty sad?

Hell no! There are months (most) in the past three years where I don’t sell 50 cds a MONTH from the entire catalog on Amazon.

I know, I know, that’s mostly fans (Amazon reordered double on each title, so I expect to sell a few more in this initial burst of fans completing their collections) – but as a fan that’s the point. You don’t need to put out 500k singles, but I bet even today’s pop stars could move 4-5K CD singles (or more) to fans, even at $7 each. You have to master and pay for remixes anyway if you pop these things up on iTunes. Why not spend a few more dollars and press them up? Not 100k, just a few to meet fan demand. Once it sells out the casual fan can buy on iTunes like they do anyway.

Just from a fan’s POV.

So- today I am happy (ain’t that sad?) Even Space March sold a couple of copies. (I know, Heaven 17 and ABC are ringers, they would sell something no matter what, but that’s why I put them out. I begged some record companies to put out Heaven 17 and no one did ( and no, it wasn’t Sony or Universal, it was some small national labels). They said they couldn’t make it work.

And they’re right. Even if I sell 1000 odd copies of the Heaven 17 single (like I have of the album) they can’t do it. But I can cause I’m not in this for the money, just the fame baby!

That is all.

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