Monday, September 24, 2007

back byotch

So I'm back, settled in sort of and ready to get more folks mad at me!

1. Matinee Club (aka the Modern) Dunno. Chi from the band contacted me after someone on their forum was nice enough to link my rants about them. Uh-Oh! So I made nice, but no word back yet. On that same forum there is something about their EU label shuttering… Man do they need a break.
2. I am assembling the most freakishly cool awesome album ever for iTunes etc. You guys will cream in your jeans or yawn uncontrollably.
3. Shipping out the ESH best of this week to IODA, this oline release will feature a PDF “booklet” on iTunes, a first for us.
4. Hoping to slip out the Spray CD before Christmas (or the Matinee club if they get back to me, hope springs eternal. Pick that up forum bot!)
5. Tuesday noght The Reaper on the CW channel will feature Heaven 17’s version of “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Sweet. I will be expecting big bump on iTunes Wednesday morning people.
6. So, I will now give you my “song/album” of the moment. And because I have been away for 9 goddamn months I will make it several.-
a. Freezepop – Future future Perfect – The band’s first release for a “major” (Rykodisc! Remember when they mattered?) – finds them in top form. I really hope they do well with this. I thought they were on some sort of digital only deal, but you can buy the CD from amazon, so, go for it folks.
b. The Fratellis – “Chelsea Dagger” Glorious Bowie-sque. Gotta love it, although not as good as what the Faint might have done with it.
c. “1973” by the soft rocker extraordinaire. Hey, frak you- that is a good song and the album seems to be about as good from what I have heard. Lovin WNRN out of Charlottesville VA btw.

Stuff which would have been “songs of the moment” but now I am less sure about
1. Fiest – Still love her stuff, but “Inside and Out” sounds, well, SO much like a 70s song I am pretty sure it moves right past ironic back into sorta uncool territory. And, I just found out she did not write “1234.” OK, but she can still sing well and seems to have hooke dup with the right people, so I will hold off for a while.
2. the Delays – Picked up the first album (still looking for a cheap copy of the second album. BTW- why is James blunt’s 39 minute album $19 on amazon?!!!!!) Not bad, kinda like Stone Roses (kinda!) – I am eager to hear the second album since fans complained they crapped it up with synths. I am so there!

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