Friday, June 29, 2007

re: The Modern and the Remixes

OK-to clear up the Modern/Matinee Club thing- Last fall I freaked out, thought I had lost my job and folded the label for about 48 hours. Most of my bands know me well enough to ignore the email somewhat, or at least not be suprised when I came back and changed my mind. The Modern's management had, perhaps, a bit more sense and simply dropped me cold.
So, I wouldn't necs. blame them. But honestly, I guess they kinda sank from view since then.

the Remix/dance album will be out soon, as in September. I am moving at the end of July and have to set up a warehouse again, along with a place that can drop 3-4 big ol boxes of Cds. So once that is set up I will get that pressed...

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Anonymous said...

You should contact
they will take 5 copies of each of your releases... Plus British Albums sell for $20.

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