Friday, October 5, 2007

Random label news

Hi folks
Some news:
A new qubiq Remix album is up online now featuring remixes for Heaven 17, Empire State Human, Melody & Mezzo and Garland Cult. Most of these are making their online debut.

Check it out at itunes, eMusic and other similar outfits

amazon has MP3 downloads (NOT DRM, but MP3!) and they are oftne much cheaper than itunes.(AlthoughI did just notice that Heaven 17's "IGMYFILWM" is $2 more on mp3 than CD!)
Check out ninthwave stuff on amazon:

Look for the release of Empire State Human's "Popularity" online at the end of October, it will feature a pdf "booklet" free when yo ubuy the album. Nifty little extra.

The Garland Cult will pop up "Talking With Aliens" single with mixes from Anni Hogan and Steve Bronski (yes, that Steve Bronski) soon as well. Stay tuned...

Remember that girl (or guy ) you broke up with and then one day you meet them again and realize that you should have never been so quick to break it off so yo utell each other you should try again? So you get all Modern and join some sort of Matinee Club and see how it goes?

And in the almost but no quite catagory- our close personal friend Kevin Smith cut out Heaven 17's "Don't Fear the Reaper" from the debut of The Reaper (on the CW). Good show but kinda pssied I had to sit through the whole thing to findout they cut the song...

What is it with you people and Macondo? Three years and nothing, then suddenly whammo, orders pour in...


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