Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ten Years? and Gary Flanagan

Has it really been ten years? I guess so, techincally. It was 1999 when Ninthwave "handmade" (read- CDRs) released the debut from Gary Flanagan - Anthems for the Young At Heart. We then followed that up with another CDR, "Another Coin in the Daydream MAchine." Gary went on to release a proper CD on Cohaagen -Future Fashion.

I liked Gary's stuff from the begning. It wasn;t polished (or even in tune often :-) but it really caputred what I liked about the early days of synthpop. It also impressed David and PAtrick in ganymede- they signed to ninthwave (they were our first official "real" Cd release) mainly because they thought I was cool because I had put out Gary's first album.

They soon learned I wasn't cool at all ;-)

Anyway, the other day I dug out some original CDrs of Garys and I am trying assemble a iTunes release. Something like "Gary Flanagan - Ninthwave YEars" or some such crap title.

Stay tuned.


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