Monday, June 18, 2007

Ninthwave History

News bits- I just sent 8 new "releases" (well, and put "'s around new too) to IODA. I am re-posting the Macondo Remix Cd and the ESH "Urbanism" album that CDbaby "accidently" deleted.
Plus, as I ampacking up for a move I am going through my two big boxes o f"Ninthwave History" and am posting
1. a "single" for the ESH song "Digital City" from Urbanism, it will have two unreleased tracks with it, I amhoping to get it priced at $1.99 for all three tracks, we'll see.
2. A remix single for The Garland Cult's "Talking With Aliens" with mixes from Steve Bronski and Anni Hogan
3. ESH's "lost" EP "Terra Incognito" instrumental EP

So that's uh 5. What else. Oh yeah!

4. NASA - NExterday remix single (just a single version and a really cool remix)
5. NASA - Back to Square One- with versions of the song plus a remix and a version of Remembering the Future.

Both of these are old releases I am puttng up before the contract runs out...

And 8. Uh, was, ah heck, I forget. I Will update you when I get them back from IODA.

Also in the hopper- A re=post and exspansion of Spray's"ESM" Remix EP.
Ninthwave Rarities
The First two Gary Flanagan albums!
ESH Rarities album.

and maybe a few other things if they work out.

In the non-History section I also just got in the new Xero/G album, that will be off to IODA this week for an online release...


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Daft Monk said...

Glad to see the label up and running again. Is the Modern/Matinee Club EP still on?

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