Friday, June 22, 2007

look what I found

To clear up some questions:
1. the NASA singles are just being popped up online, not onto CD. They WERE on CD years ago, but Ninthwave never released them, just the Swedish label.

2. The Modern-AKA Matinee Club- despite the fact I sunk about $1000 into prep for this release and band it never went. The band never signed anything and as far as I know they imploded. Too bad, I hop e they resurface it some form.

I found 4 (four) complete sets of the 5 Cds "set" of the Lexicon Magazine Cd samplers, plus a couple of early ADD/Ninthwave sampler ("How to Make a New Friend" and the megamix). "Now Music for Pop People" vols. 1-5. I have 4 complete sets, lots of great stuff on here, if you know then you know. Paypal me $30 and I'll send you the 5 plus the 2 other samplers. If you need just a random one email me and I may be able to help.

Each CD has about 15 tracks, most tracks are from then current releases, but some, like stuff from Jarret, is long out of print. Nice snapshots of a golden sysnthpop era:-)



Daft Monk said...

Thanks for the info. It's a shame that the band left you hanging but it seems to be a trend with them. They just can't get anything released and spent what looks to be a ton of money on a video a few months ago for what was a limited release single or something like that. If they had any decency they would come running back to you and beg you to release their EP.

Anonymous said...

They have vanished.. They had a tonne of hype paid out for them buy a certain major label. There only song to get any play was one with a Gary Numan sample in it.

The UK official Charts company caught on to there chart rigging and dropped them..a bit like everyone else who was a supposed fan and the major label they we're on got rid of them as fast as possible..

Whens the Ninthwave remix cd coming out...

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