Monday, June 18, 2007

How do you sell a CD?

The new Garland Cult CD is out. Sells well enoug on Amazon, they re-ordered 30 this last week. But the "last five copies" are still sitting there despite what I did last week-
Big blitz all over the synthpop web that a new "megamix" from the album is available for download. About 40 people did download the thing. Not a single copy sold on Amazon.
Now it did budge up on the ADD chart so maybe 1-2 people bought it there.
But I guess I hoped for more.

More and more I am begining to think that Bob Leftsez is right- you need to build sales up through word of mouth and touring.

To that end I am going to begin dealing this week with a ban in Cali to see fi they want to work with the label- I'll offer an EP deal (real CD plus online)with no strings plus $2000 in promotion (look out Rey!) and $1000 in "gas money"/tour support if they play out at least 10 shows withn 2 months of release of the EP.

Always up for something new. And if you have ideas or suggestions ("That's a stupid idea you moron!") fire em away....

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Anonymous said...

I would not sign or release a band that don't tour and can't promote themselves. So it is a good idea what your doing and this is no dig and word of mouth is the best promotion, you are spot on. I think it makes good business sense going for homegrown bands with a following more chance of sales and return on what you spent out.

Best of Luck


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