Thursday, September 18, 2008

Audio Gothic

Empire state Human’s Audio Gothic

OK, so I am kind of focused on the album these days, but ESH sent me a master of their new album Audio Gothic and I need help from you guys.

Here’s the back story. ESH was one of the first bands Ninthwave signed. Todd from ADD gave me a CDr demo of theirs (maybe even the album Pop Robot as I recall) and I loved it. I agreed to put out an expanded version.

Then the band wanted me to put out a sort of remix album, Alpha and Omega. So I did, Pop Robot sold well after all. But A& O did not, really (more later on that). I think it was about this time they released Music for Human on a Mexican label.

Then I put out a single for Liquid Blue, as a pre cursor to the album Urbanism. But about then I really ran into trouble $$ wise and as a result Urbanism never came out (well, it came out last year digitally).

The band went to Section 44 for their next album, Cycles. Can’t blame em.

Then I helped them release a best of and a rarity album last year, as well as some EPs etc. Oh, and three years ago (this next month btw) their version of “Halloween” went to #1 on the iTunes dance chart.

I have been happy to stick by the band and really want to do right by them with this release. So what I need are ideas about how to promote the album…



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