Thursday, September 18, 2008



OK- I got the new single, “Doki Doki” and gave it a listen. Love a couple o the remixes, there are also some “speedcore” mixes, I am not sure I always get that genre, but people like it. Still, so excited by the mixes that I am going to press up a “real” CD single in a color paper sleeve. If things go well (i.e. sales) I may even try to get it promoted in the clubs. It is a very good, catchy song. I was humming it all evening last night.

The Garland Cult’s remix album is speeding its way along the digital distro channels, it should start appearing next week. Here is the art. I took the album art, changed the color and added the font below, then layered a mosaic filter to achieve a “glitter” effect. Pretty cheesy, but also quick and cheap. I also plan to press up CDrs of the remix album, there a lot of really good remixes on it. Omho.

Also got the art for the next Empire state Human CD last ngith. Good art, very pro looking. The album sounds fantastic too.

Smile dk single - $1000
TGC CDrs - $400
ESH album $1200
Smile Dk promotion $2000
Total (not even including mailing costs) $4600. And last month I took in $500. Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

lovely, i just made even more bran-new emo backgrounds to my blog

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