Monday, September 29, 2008

lalalalalalalalalla was top 20 over the weekend on Not top 20 indie or top 20 dance or even top 20 electronic, but #19 over all, for the whole site- beating out mjaor labels. This morning they are still #24, not bad.
11 reviews u pon iTunes.
Amazon ranks have disappeared, like they do from time to time.

So we were looking to license the album in Japan, big fan base there, but the first contact we got wanted to give us about $10k, period. For an act that usually goes platinum there (not sure how many that is, but its more than a few thousand!)
So we decided to go it alone and am looking for a Japanese distro co. I got a name at JVC, but now I suspect, after looking around and having heard back - that JVC may think we want a licsene deal ,not just a distro deal. Hmmm.

Well, have to see what comes back from JVC, but I would imagine all we really need is to get the CDs in the stores. We can get it online there fine.

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