Thursday, September 11, 2008

Worst Week (ever?)

Ever have one of those weeks?

First off- ninthwave as a seller got kicked off amazon. Turns out a few Cds got lost along the way and the emails asking where they were went to an old account. So folks who purchased CDs from us directly complained to Amazon (as they should have). Ugh. I am hoping Amazon reinstates us, but who knows.

Meanwhile they still sell our Cds, just from their warehouse or other sellers.

Then I called the pressing plant to see if the new album had been shipped. Tunrs out they never got the art and so have been sitting there for three weeks. Carp! Well, they now have the art and will begin processing it asap. But still…

Not that it matters much. The album was supposed to come out Sept 9, iTunes has had the album for three weeks but still no sign. Meanwhile IODA still has not shipped it even to Amazon.

I gotta tell you the album sounds great, too bad it’s kind of cursed so far. But the good news is that we’ve sold about 100 pre orders through Amazon. Plus the band played to 3000 fans down in San Antonio at an Anime convention and in April will play to 10,000 people at a convention in Seattle. Who knew anime was so big? (Not me clearly)

ESh delivered their new album. Good stuff, as always. A few corkers on here too, one that will even get the club push from Ninthwave. But, naturally, we’re a little short this month. We’ll send it along for pressing early October for a late November release.

IODA should get the Garland Cult remix album this week. It’s an online affair only, but I may press up 100 DJ copies like I did for the Figaro album recently (If you want a copy of the Figaro album just paypal us $5-

More soon

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