Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bubblegum for Christmas

Now that Smile.dk is selling, I am beginging to be aware of a ton of music out there called "Bubblegum." Not you Ohio Fruit company or "Yummy Yummy" tytpe from the late 60s, but a new type- a 90s sound that Aqua perfected ("BArbie Girl")
Now there is even a Christmas album of the stuff - note the West End Girls cover of the PSB classic "Snow At Christmas" (btw- the gals verison is pretty awful, and I like them!)

Listen, if you dare, to this clip from Crispy - It has all the world of Bubblegum- great melody, nice singing and, wait for it! Bad Germanic Rap!

Feel Good Party Album of the Season or Crime Against Humanity? You Decide!!!!!!!

1 comment:

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