Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gary Flanagan's back!

Way back when Ninthwave was just a bedroom label (as opposed to the multinational bemoth it is today) I heard a bunch of songs from this guy, Gary Flanagan, out of Canada. It was rinky sounding, but honest and catchy in it own way. He was gracious enough to lalow me ot press up some Cdr's of his debut and follow up. It eventually led to Ganymede finding out about ninthwave (they LOVE Gary's stuff- so much they produced and released his thrid album on Cohaagen).

anyway, he has two new albums out this week (!) Check him out if yo ulike your music cireca 1981. Maybe I'll even dig out those first two albums and try to get them up on iTunes.

Here's his email I got today -
"Hello folks! I just wanted to let you all know some very exciting news. My two brand new albums "Damariscotta" and "Europe" are ready to be unleashed upon the world. I'm very proud of both of these albums. They are both very different from one another.

"Damariscotta" is polished, clockwork synthpop. It is very heavily influenced by Vince Clarke. If you like Yazoo, Early Depeche Mode or Erasure, you will enjoy this album, I guarantee. You'll also like this if you are a fan of Human League, OMD, Kraftwerk, or any of those other classic synth bands. This one is very catchy and very hummable. A total New Wave party ripped right out of 1981. :)

"Europe" is a dramatic about-face to everything I said about "Damariscotta". It is raw, edgy, primitive and dark. Lots of buzzing synths and stiff beatboxes. This one falls under the "minimal wave" genre, and it also has touches of EBM and goth. It is my love letter to a continent I have never been to. This one was influenced by early Cabaret Voltaire, Martin Dupont, Thomas Leer, Robert Rental, Vice Versa, Fad Gadget, Visage, Gary Numan, etc.

Both albums can now be ordered through Paypal on my MySpace page (off to the right) or on the home page of my website:



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