Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This week in screw ups

So the newly expanded Qubiq Remixes set is up on eMusic and most likely up on iTunes soon. Huh? I forgot to tell you? Well, it struck me that I really hated the old artwork for the “first” Qubiq Remix set and so I threw on some more mixes I had from him and walla! A newly expanded set. I figure if Rhianna can do it… Plus, no one (I mean NO ONE!) ever actually bought the entire original album release. Hopefully now they will since it will be a bargain, a whole 2 hours of mixes for one low price.

eMusic is quick when they want. They already posted my latest brain fart but still no sign of Smile.dk. I am trying to get out a new ESH single they did with Wolfgang Flur from Kraftewerk. Somehow I sent out a CD with another song on it. I figured it out before our Digital service sent it too far, but eMusic still managed to get it out.

A fix is being worked on now, but still…

Speaking of Smile.dk, I finally got word to release a remix single for “Doki Doki” from their new album. By the way, the Cd is about to be top ten on our all time best selling Amazon CDs. Not to shabby considering we don’t sell nearly as many Cds on amazon as we used too.

Some Qubiq to tide you over.
Qubiz Remix Vol. 1 - Expanded EditionEmpire State Human
"Dreams in the Mirror" (mp3)
from "Qubiz Remix Vol. 1 - Expanded Edition"
(Ninthwave Media)

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Qubiz Remix Vol. 1 - Expanded EditionSonic Hub, Martin Fry
"New Man (feat. Martin Fry)" (mp3)
from "Qubiz Remix Vol. 1 - Expanded Edition"
(Ninthwave Media)

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