Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why iTunes matters

The reason I get so worked up over itunes and their "take forever to put up stuff" approach is that even in a slow month they account for 75% of ninthwave's sales.

Anyway, as promised here are the last 8 weeks of sales (through 11/8) on itunes. comments below

(click on image to get a big, readable, version)

Some notes:

Smile.dk has really zoomed off for us. Already they are one of our top ten sellers ever on Amazon and after Heaven 17 our biggest seller ever on iTunes - well, ok, maybe Spray has more sales over all.

Melody and Mezzo have also been steady - hmm, Spray, Smile.dk and M&M, all on the DDR video game series.

Samplers do well for us too - people like to hear variety. I guess I should rustle up a new one soon.

Three years ago Empire State Human sold over 1000 downloads of "Halloween" this year I think they moved about 3. Wow. I guess everyone found that there are many version of that song out there.

Some of the slow sellers make me sad. I wish more people would discover The Peoples or Astromill, or even no shows on the list like Alan Replica (who sells CDs, oddly enough).

Feedback welcomed!

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Brian Hazard said...

Wow, Smile.dk is doing great! They deserve it. Too bad you can't sort the chart by album sales numbers or at least band names. That would be a lot easier to follow. Thanks for posting it Dave!

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