Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Heaven 17's "I'm gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me" The great single that never was (but was, really).
I lucked out with "Hands Up To Heaven" - the first single from Before/After- I got some super remixes and got a NYC club promoter to push the record. We made #6 on billboard. So I got very excited about what I considered to be a sure fire follow up, IGMYFILWM. I go some UK remixers, got Qubiq back, pressed up full color sleeve singles... and...
Well, the NYC club promoter wanted some more mixes, but I had already spent about $3000 on remixes and pressing, Ihad no more money (plus his fee would have just been even more $$$). So it kinda sat there.
Sold well as a single on Amazon for a while (the band has a lot of fans!)

But over the past four weeks sales have steadily climed on iTunes. Nothing huge, just from say 5 a week to 40 in the past week.

And now Qubiq fantasic Radio Mix is #8 on iTunes ' Heaven 17 list.

So somewhere, someone is spinning the mixes, finally! Maybe people have moved on from "Don't Fear the Reaper" (still the biggest choice for people at iTunes). I haveno idea.

This is what can be very frustrating - I would love to say it was some master stroke of marketing, but it is more from meglect. And even if I figured it out, there is no way to know if it really would work- sales might fall off a cliff next week. Christmas tends to change people's spending habits, from themselves to others. (Funny how that works).

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