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past 12 months, in a nut shell

Ninthwave Oct 07 – Oct 08 Report

(does not really match up date wise, I am still waiting for some September sales, and even though I have “October” sales, that’s really August and September due to the delay in reporting. )


Digital sales.

First off, as a way of comparing – from Oct to Oct I shipped 1457 CDs. Most of those sold or will sell.


552 digital albums were sold.

44,169 tracks.

Now before we get all excited –
33,601 of those were streams, for which we get often a penny or less for.

10,568 were downloads, which we get 50 cents on up for.

Yeah, do the math. Just know , as a frame of reference – the deal we did for Heaven 17 that got them on HBO’s True Blood was for more than all our Digital and CDs sales for the past 12 months combined. Perspective huh?

If one does the “industry standard” thing and divide the tracks by 10 (as in 10 songs to an album, not sure if ANY CD we’ve released has just 10 songs on it) you get about 1050.

So basically I “sold” about 1600 digital albums worth of stuff. Or just a little bit more than actual Cds I sold. So say a 50/50 split.

This isn’t revenue, I haven’t figured that out yet. But still interesting.

Here are some other highlights-

254 tracks were sold as ring tones. Many in Canada. Hmmm…

Top ten selling Digital albums (just album sales, not track)

1. Melody & Mezzo “Nightshade” remix EP
2. Matinee Club – the Modern LP
3. Melody & Mezzo “ I Wanna Be Your Star” Remix EP
[After here sales drop off pretty stteply]
4. –Party Around the World (this reflects only a few of their sales so far)
5. Spray – Children of a Laser God
6. Heaven 17 “Hands up To Heaven – Qubiq Mixes” (You have to buy the “album” to get either of these two mixes).
7. -9. Tie
a. Heaven 17 “Hands up to Heaven DJ Mixes”
b. Spray - Living In Neon
c. NASA –Remembering the Future
10. -12 Tie
a. Various – Electricity 3
b. Sonic Hub “New Man” single
c. Spray “I Am Gothic Remix Project”
btw- the last three sold 11 copies each, so we’re not talking huge sales.

Here are the top selling tracks (digital, all types of downloads, including all those many streams. One day I might sort them out but I am going cross-eyed already. The count is simply all versions of the song, so those with lots of remixes (Heaven 17! Melidy & Mezzo) have all remixes just counted as the song selling. Clear?

1 Hands Up To Heaven (twice as many as the next song)
2 Don’t Fear The Reaper
3 I'm gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me
4 I Am Gothic
5 Run With Us
6 I Want To Be Your Star
7 Night shade
8 Whenever I say Hello
9 Woah Song
10 Persuaders
11 Duct Tape My Heart
12 a new surprise
13 Tracy gold
14 Deeper and Deeper
15 Industry
16 The Way It Is
17 Into the Blue
18 Marbelized
19 Sleepless
20 The Dreamer
21 Freedom From Love
22 Something For Real
23 What Would It Take
24 He Came With the Frame
25 Nexterday
26 Alan cumming
27 Love Is a Stranger
28 Guardian
29 Panoptican
30 Baba O'Rielly
31 Leap of Faith
32 All Good Things
33 We Are Industry
34 Back to Square One
35 Halloween
36 Jane Falls Down
37 Uncontrolable Love
38 Sometimes
39 Stranded in Manchester
40 Descending
41 Commmute
42 Impossible
43 Hand on the Gun
44 Modern Love
45 Apollo
46 I Am Taking Photographs
47 Cat Fight!
48 Suburban Culture
49 Homewrecker
50 Pretend Girlfriend
51 We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
52 Child of the 80s
53 City Dweller
54 Kiss Like in the Movies
55 Irreverisble
56 Green
57 He Came With the Sleigh
58 It's All In The Drums
59 Don't You Know Who I Am?
60 Happy
61 Little Alfie
62 Extraordinary
63 Avarice
64 Anthem for the Modern Artist
65 Neon Rain
66 Beep Beep
67 Gale Winds
68 Are You Falling In Love Again?
69 Before You Go

After that all songs sold less than 100 downloads/streams.
Some notes – “Hand on the Gun” included both the Figaro and ESH versions.
Had all the sales of Spray’s “He Came with the Frame/Sleigh” been combined it would have been top twenty.

Tracks from well known artists on our various artists sets sell well (no surprise)

Top selling artists based on # of tracks (again, this is all kinds of tracks)

1 Heaven 17 (just over 26% of all track sales)
2 Spray (about 17% of all sales)
3 Aidan Casserly*
4 Empire State Human
5 Melody & Mezzo
6 White Town
7 Alan Replica
8 Matinee club(The Modern)
9 Freezepop
11 DJ Daz
12 Xero G
13 Astromill
14 Mark Nicholas*
15 The Garland Cult
16 Macondo
17 Space March
18 Soviet
19 Ganymede
20 Electroluvs
21 Synthetik FM
22 Fr/action
23 Raindancer

Yeah, 43% of all track sales come from two bands.

About Mark Nicholas – I combined the stuff from him, Cosmicity and uh, Turd Furguson. Because.
Aidan Casserly –He’s the thread between ESH, The Garland Cult and Figaro. He accounts for 10% of all sales.

I think it is great to see how well Alan Replica does here despite the fact he does not have a single song that sells really well – he sells across the board. Cool.

Well, ok, my head is spinning. I need to get out that Spray CD stat! And seriously try to get out the Alan Replica CD…

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Brian Hazard said...

Thanks for the recap! Very interesting stuff. Weird how the top albums are so different from the top singles.

Not a ton of money, but at least it's enough to pay the mastering engineer. ;)

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