Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Super Tuesday

When I started this blog I wanted tobe pretty transperant with what was going on at the label. But,... sometimes I just can't tell everything even though I am bursting at the seams today. Here's what is in the rumour mill - possibly licensing one and maybe two ninthwave releases in some Asian countries, outisde chance that there will be a tour there too for at least one band, maybe a UK deal for another on a major UK indie (but no names yet because chances are it might not happen), word that a major US magazine was asking about profiling one of the bands...
Ugh! All this from 9 am to 12 noon today. It's almost too much for my little pea head to take in!
What I can tell you is that IODA took in a new remix single from Smile.dk and we should get that processed today or tomorrow and then they will zip it to the digital services.
Oh, and I got in the "Hard Times" promo Cd and will ship them today to Todd at A different Drum....

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