Monday, December 1, 2008

Matinee Club is dead, long live The Modern!

Got an unexpected (but very exciting!) email today from Chi of the Modern-

We are now with an indie label over here, Pie and Mash Recordings, and have decided to go back to being called The Modern.
We were never comfortable being Matinee Club.
Also we have got Rees back in the band drumming.
He used to be in the band with us, we grew up together, but his other band Dirty Vegas did a world tour and we lost him for a couple of years.
Now he's back for good.

Anyway we have had a great response to The Modern returning and sold out our first gig and we play the Astoria with I AM X on saturday which I also believe has sold out.

The second album is sounding great"

Wow. :-)

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